Law of the Jungle. chapter one

Humans are just a smart class of animals. Even a common crow can use tools to it advantage. Those that were given to shift from man to animal, those don't concern with my experiments. After all, I have already have my data on shifters and what make them tick. Now I shall do the rest of my studies on the Human mind and body. What makes them truly different then animals and shifters. Now after I have collected the subjects for the first around of experiments, a young female in its early twenties and a male entering middle-age, I shall first strip away what society deems human and program, at the least, them to become like animals. First need to gather my two test subjects....

The doors of the elevator opened with a ding, the people walked out at either a brisk walk or slow pace as it was still early in the morning and many were still trying to wake up full to take on the day's tasks. Oliver Kim was just excited to be this floor of the FBI headquarters at Quantico,Virginia. It was the floor for the one of the BAU teams. He already met with the supervisor of BAU, a large reptile shifter with a bad habit of novelty ties but not with the team leader since the team was out on a case and just came back Saturday.

It was unheard of for a lone wolf to walk onto another wolf's territory without permission. But Kim really did try to meet with SSA Harley before now but it always seemed like fate didn’t want them to meet till now. Kim can smelled the wolf pack just at the end of the hallway, along with a scatter of other types of shifters and of course the large amount of human. Hopefully the pack leader would allow him into the pack, adding one more to the small number of this particular pack. There were at least two more scattered in Virginia, the larger pack located in the mountains. He may have to move out of state if this pack won't take him in since wolf packs are a bit sketchy about a lone wolf walking around.

With fingers crossed and a deep breath, Oliver Kim walked in between the large glass doors, mindful of other people entering and leaving and took a look around. Three heads already perked up and gave the new wolf a look over, then looked at the closed door of where SSA Harley's office would be. Sure enough, the door open and a not very large but not what people would deem small either man peeked out. His sandy hair was sleeked back but his tie was already loose and collar undone this early of the work day. The hazel eyes narrowed but only in wonder at the new wolf on campus. With a head tilt, he bid the man up to his office. Kim did as told and tried to not look at the nosy wolves and one bobcat as they stare him down as he walk up to the office, door held open wide for him.

“So you're the new guy that Douglass has assigned to us.” Kim nodded and offered his hand, stating his name. He wouldn't bare his neck to the Alpha till after he been accepted into the pack but he kept his head lowered and eyes on him to show a bit of submission.

“Great another wolf, I'm telling Frankie about this.” A man, no a fox according to his scent, scoffed as he kept his eyes on the paper as he folded it and cut it with a pair of small scissors, getting pieces of green paper all over the floor of the team leader's office. Ankles crossed as the feet rested on the solid oak desk. In the place of where the leader should sit.

“Don't mind Abby. I would blame his medication but he won't take them unless I put them in his muffins.” Harley sighed and shoved the booted feet off the desk and pushed the chair around till the fox was now snipping paper at the left side of the large desk. “Please sit down, Mister Kim.” He offered the now slightly confused Asian man one of the chairs in front of the desk and waited till he sat down before taking the remaining chair to his side and sat down in his chair.

“Yes, SSA Harley I know I should have met with you and your pack earlier but time wasn't never on our side and I regret just showing up here now.”

The sandy haired shifter waved off the words and just smiled. “Douglas already sent me your file and spoke about you Wednesday on the phone but we were on a case that lasted till Friday.” the fox snorted but was ignored. “Ill set you up on probation to see how well you get along with the team and pack before making the request of offering the spot to you.”

“Thank you, sir. I hope we all get along well and you won't regret it.” Kim smiled gently and Harley returned the smile.

“This is SSA Fredrick Abberline.” He fling a hand at the fox was now cutting along folded pink paper, the first sheet now spread out in front, resembling a line of pumpkin faces. “Just excuse him, he just doing as his therapist told him to do. To channel his creative side and he refused to work at his desk.” The fox just saluted, not giving the dark haired man a glance as he kept working on his paper project. “The others have more or less gotten use to him and just report to me only..” The Alpha looked at the other wolf as he said 'to me only' stating he was to do the same. “when he is acting out or seems off even by his standards.” The man then stood up, Kim followed in action then follow again outside of the office to the Bullpen to meet with the other members of the team and pack.

The almond-shaped eyes looked up only for a second before settle down the row of pink flowers on the desk and picked up a sheet a blue paper.

The wolves and cat that were eyeing him before were gathering about a desk that belonged to one of the wolves, laughing about something in the wolf's hand. “All right, team.” Harley announced their arrival, making the three shifters stop laughing and to stand up to face their leader and new team member. “This is Oliver Kim. He's new and on probation till he either seems to fit or not. Don't scare him off or be too rude. I already have to deal with Abby's mood swings and I don't wanna play referee with you lot either.” His tone was serious while his lips were trying to not form a smile. “Make him feel welcome, as for now he is pack as well as newest team member. That's all and oh Will..” The bobcat shifter turned his dark brown eyes to the leader at the mention of his name. “you had something to show me?”

“Oh right, its back in my lair.” Will grinned and thumbed in the direction of his tech office. Harley nodded and followed the cat in that direction. Two minutes later, Oliver was cornered against a nearby desk as the two wolves surrounded him.

They sniffed at him as he sniffed back, getting close to sniff at his pulse point on his neck and he did the same to them. Then they grinned and took his hand in greeting. “I'm Erick and this is Mac” The redhead of the two spoke as the brunet said a greeting. “We are really a nice bunch around here, just wary about new wolves. The mountain pack is still kind of mad at us but the other pack, they don't care about us as long we keep Abby and Will in the car.”

The wolf named Mac shrugged and took over speaking, “Will is awesome, he's our tech wizard and knows everything sci-fi as cliché' that is but he's the man to go when you need to know self like that.” The two men sat the new member in the chair that Mac was sitting in before. “But Abby?”

“Abby suffered a mental breakdown a year or so before joining the team and only thanks to Harley, he allowed to work with us. Otherwise he be in a nuthouse somewhere.” Erick rubbed at his ear as he sat down on the edge of his pack mate's desk. Mac copied on the other side but laying his hands in between his legs, holding them together. “We think his big brother, Francis Abberline is blackmailing Harley in letting Abby on the team. He is after all the man, or fox, behind the throne for all of North America and Hawaii and bits of Europe. We keep forgetting which bits though.”

“We think he has his mind on Australia's control as well but the ones in control are making it hard for him.” So far they succeeding in making their new pack mate's head spin.

“He doesn't want that giant rock.” all three wolves turn around to see the resident fox hanging up his artwork above Harley's office door, the chair wobbling under his feet. Making Kim nervous about possible head injury. “He does want Japan though.”

“Annnyway....” Mac looked away to smile at the dark-haired wolf. “We are three wolves, one fox and one bobcat/lion mix, Will prefers the title of boblion but he's kooky like that.”

Erick jumped in. “and one human, our Media Liaison, Nicole Jones. We don't like her.” thus causing the two wolves to become high school girls in Kim's poor mind. This pack was as strange as a two legged dog. “She stuck up and treats everyone but Mac” who shivered. “like shit. She hates Abby most of all and tries to get him fired once a month. Abby may be a fox and kooky but he is a pack and we don't let people mess with pack.” Kim can understand that. Pack look out for their own. Even if one or two were not of the same species. He have met with other packs and prides that have accepted in other shifter types and treated them as if they were of the same blood, so it wasn't that abnormal.

“Jones is still pack but only cause she travels and work with us. We still holding out for her leaving but it hasn’t happen yet.” Mac took up speaking again. Kim has yet to get any real word in and starting to think this was normal among these wolves.

A new voice spoke up. “I know you don't mean that, Mac” Mac shivered again and moved to sit with his pack mate against the desk, just to put distance between him and the woman that were click-clacking her way to the three of them in high dollar heels. Her shirt was tight across her...very ample breast with three buttons undone to borderline office and skank. The skirt was high on her legs, making Kim draw his suspicions on where the human female shopped for clothes. “you love me too much for me to leave.” She smiled seductively while Erick snorted and Mac just rolled his eyes. Then her blue eyes looked down at the man sitting in Mac's assigned chair. “I'm Nicole Jones, and you must be the new.....wolf on the team.” The red-haired woman wrinkled her nose at him in clear disgust.

“Yes, hello Nicole.” He stood up just to be polite and offered his hand in greeting. “I'm Oliver Kim and I hope we.”

The human cut in rudely. “A new case, Boss-doggy wants you all and the dust bunny at the round table in ten. It's a doozy too.” She winked at Mac in parting but ignored the other two men as she walked on past them. Swaying her hips to where Kim was afraid that they might dislocate at any moment.

He took his eyes off the human when Erick stood up and smooth down his pinstripe shirt over the slim tan pants. “She read that book series about a human female finding love with a vampire but a wolf also thought she was hot and thinks Macaroni here is her Jacob.”

“Believe it or not, her skirts were a lot longer when she started here.” Mac jumped in as he grabbed a pen for the three of them out of a Pepe LePhew pen holder. “But she thinks I'm playing hard to get and I even had to flirt with Abby a few times to throw her off the scent but that made her work harder.”

“Abby, time to work!” Erick shouted, while the other two man kept walking.

“Abby was a good sport about it once I explain that I was trying to shave my skin from that woman but told me that he'll turn my tail into a pillow if I try it again.” The brunet shifter spoke as he led them to what was a conference room for the team. Will and Harley were already seated, looking through the files on the new case as Jones was setting up photos on the board located against the wall. Folders were already in place for the rest of the team to look at.

Erick sat down across from his Alpha with Mac sitting on his left. Kim chose to sit on the man's right, poking through the file to show his eagerness to work.

“I'm William Pavie. Tech wizard.” The bobcat raised his hand in greeting. “I would have said hello before but I needed to show Boss-man this program I created right away.”

“Oh, I'm Oliver Kim.” Hopefully this will be the last time he needed to introduce himself for a while. It was starting to feel like the first day of school and the teacher forgotten to write name plates on the students desk.

Abberline was the last of team and pack to walk in and chose to sit beside Harley who sighed and plucked the phone that he was typing on out of his hands. Now they can get on to business with the new case.

The case involved several killings in a uptown posh apartment building in Maryland where one needed to be as rich as Donald Trump to even get the smallest of apartments. Weeks apart, it would seem that the suspect was working his or her way through a floor going from the top to the bottom. So far, two floors were wiped out in gruesome ways with two or three apartments being spared . Looking like the suspect was just using what was in the chosen apartment of the night. Many of the residents fearing that they were next and it was cleared that they were had moved out of the building and the owner was asking for a quick end to the killings and done quietly.

The wonder twins, as Kim was starting to call them as in his mind, drove him back to his small house to help him gather what they call 'go bag' for the case, telling him to pack for a full week but expect to be there only up to three days. They filled him in how cases usually worked out. Harley as pack leader would speak first to the local pack and prides in the city they were going to then they would set up shop in the police department that were over looking the case. The bobcat was to stay behind and work from his lair so one less pack member to worry about. The only one they as a pack need to watch out for is Abby. When working on a case, he tends to have one track mind.

“He forgets to eat or drink or even sleep. Usually we just sit him down and force feed him when its been to long since he ate.” The redhead spoke as they pulled into the parking lot.

“Just try to ignore him when it feels like he's making you feel stupid. He just lacks manners. We don't mind unless he's about to get on a shifter's nerves. Then we step in.” Mac added in as the car came to a stop. “He's really all bark and the size of a dust bunny but the ego of a rottweiler.”

Kim nodded in understanding and grabbed his bag then followed the wonder twins to where Harley was standing in waiting for the three of them. Jones and Abby weren't in sight but may have been waiting inside the private jet issued to the BAU. Harley walked up to placed his hand on first, Erick's cheek and then Mac's before nodding them on board. Then he stood in front of Kim, hand pulled back for a minute before placing on his shoulder. Kim didn't moved, knowing it was the Alpha's first step in familiarizing him into pack. Then he was given the go ahead to come on bored of the jet. Harley followed behind and closed the door.

Erick and Mac already grabbed the couch on the right side, sitting down together and pulling out the new case folders to review over the facts while Jones seems to seized the only table as her work area. The fox was lying down with pillow covering his face on the only other couch in the jet.

“He doesn't like flying and refused to do anything till he's on the ground. Harley drugs him up before every flight.” Mac stated as the sandy haired Alpha stepped around him to sit down, first pulling up the fox's legs and then sit them down on his lap. A hand rubbing a jean covered knee, no doubt in comfort as he waited for the jet to start moving. Kim quickly sat down with the twins and buckled up for lift off.

He just couldn't take his eye off of the hand that kept rubbing the fox's knee. Pack and pride members don't know the concept of personal bubble among themselves. So that wasn't the strangest thing, it was mostly loud and bright lacing cord on the jean leg that was drawing his eye. It was blue and yellow with rhinestones down the legs.

“For a month, Abby was into clothing design. We still have the coats he made for us in our closets back home. We try to wear them once a while to make him feel better.” Erick whispered.

Mac added in just as the jet started to roll down the run way. “When he starts tape measuring you, try to subtle hint your favorite colors or end up like Harley and his clown coat.” The twins chuckled and Kim started as well, imagining the Alpha in clown wear.

So far so good.

Upon arrival, Harley made it a point that Kim was to stay in front of the wonder twins with Abby placed between them, Erick was holding the still drugged fox up, helping him walk as the drugs leave his system. Jones walked quickly in her high dollar heels to match pace with the Alpha, with folders pressed against her chest. In normal pack formation, Kim would have been behind the two wolves, as since he was a bit bigger and could protect from behind. But since he hasn't proven himself as pack, he was to be where he can be seen. Even Harley kept looking over his shoulder to check on the Asian man.

The city's pack was meeting them at the end of the gate with their cars. No doubt waiting to talk to Harley and then escort them to the police station as both a sign of welcome and state the visiting pack was allowed to be on pack land. Normally the local pride leader would be there as well if there was a pride, but Harley informed them that the nearest pride was too far away to be an issue. Kim can smell more shifters in the area but could be just wolf sentries in hiding.

His Alpha walked out after signaling that they stay behind. Jones rolled her eyes but stayed back. Kim stepped in front of her as the Alphas talked to each other. Mac flanked the fox's side as some of the local wolves set their eyes on the groggy fox, measuring him in size and weakness. Abby was starting to be more area of his surroundings, no doubt smelling more wolves close by and instincts were taking over. Too many big predictors for the fox's more primal mind's liking. Kim took his eye off the Alphas as he spotted Abby becoming fidgety.

“Easy, easy.” Erick whispered in the fox's ear, rubbing a comforting hand on his back to settle him. Green eyes look at Kim and nodded at him, that he can take care of the fox till the human side can tell the fox side that there is no danger. Kim nodded back, focusing back on the Alphas.

“So many damn wolves.” Abby spoke from behind and tried to stand up straight to show he wasn't afraid.

Harley shook hands with the local Alpha, a tall woman with short hair, then walked back to join his own. “We'll ride with Gregson in her car. Her boys will take our things to a B&B that one of the pack's own. We settle on room assignments when we need to but for now, we focus on the case.” Their alpha walked up to the fox who was still a bit fidgety as Mac trailed with Jones to the local Alpha's car.

He cupped the pale cheeks and stared into the dark green eyes before leaning in closer. “Abby, you are fine. I had to drug you for the plane ride but no one is out to hurt you.” The fox nodded, muttering a whatever before walking after Jones and Mac. Erick was on his heels as Kim and Harley shared a look.

“He doesn’t do change well. He won't be grounded till we be here for while and by then he be too into the case to even remember that we're not in Virginia anymore.” Harley was rubbed a hand through his hair as Kim took the information in and acknowledge what was being said between the lines. The fox was not to be alone at all, for mostly his safety. Harley or either of the wonder twins would be at his side if they had to split up for some reason. “Gregson doesn't trust Jones, they don't trust humans that much in this pack, but tolerate enough to work with them. Mac will stick with her.” So this was to be the test of him becoming pack. If he can work with Harley and Erick and help keep an eye on Abberline then he was one step closer in being pack.

Time to get to work then.

hero and Villain (kakairu)

Title: Hero and Villain
Fandom: Naurto
Disclaimer: Go head sue me! Yall can have it all except for my saiyuki collect, my naurto key chains and my iruka and Kakashi stickers. Those I will kill you for.(in other words, I own nothing I don’t even try to pretend.)
Paring: Eventually Kakashi/Iruka, Iruka/Anbu(we all know who the Anbu is but I like to pretend Im being mysterious) a bit of mizuki/Iruka
Notes: I don’t do the san and whatever those things yall put in people in the verse’s names. I don’t do Japanese words like gomen or ja ni or whatever. I will use Japanese names for people and places and so on but lets pretend this is on Disney (or Adult Swim) and the people cut all of the Japanese words out of it for damn English speakers like me.
Notes part 2: This therapy for me. I like to think I am a bad-ass Iruka so all of this is suppose to help me go on with my life after losing my Mizuki and love to think to hope that my Kakashi is waiting to catch me before I fall flat on my face.
Notes part 3: you wanna beta this shit, BE MY GUEST cause I have a heavy cold (just like Iruka in my fic) im on medication and I know for a fact that I have done so many mistakes that it would give an English teacher a heart attack and stroke in one take. But be kind with me, im popping my Kakairu cherry here.


Nose red and stuffed. Check

Head pulsing and too heavy to keep up right. Check

Throat raw and scratchy. Double check.

Wanting the world to go fuck off and just die. Triple check check check check.

To say this was a bad day would be an understatement by the greatest possible margin. He wished for a bad day, in fact he preyed to have a bad day right now. Here he was, trying force strength into his limbs so he could get upright on the bed. He couldn’t even tell you the time right now beside the fact it was morning(he hoped it was morning, he didn’t have the chance to pull back the shades to check if the great big yellow ball have risen yet or have gone back down while he attempted to move.) All he knew is that he had a busy day of pre-genin teaching (the little monsters would attack him as soon as they sense his cough like shark to blood) and then mission room duty (those adult monsters were slightly ruthless then the littler ones but let face he was FUCKED as soon as he walked in that room with a sniffle).

Iruka groaned, laying an arm over his tired eyes. He could just start a rumor that he went missing-nin status, that he went far, far away so he could just close the blends and lock the door and just overdose on juice, soup and cough pills. So no-one could never ever look for him in his own meager home.

‘Well what would you do if you get better and go back to work, don’t you think being just a tad over dramatic?’

The brunet pushed his arm off an tired eye just a centimeter to look around for the Voice. “Who, ca mmmm, there?” He felt his hand reached for a kunai under his pillow to try to throw at the intruder.

‘Well, I’m the inner you’

Iruka let out a snort before muttering out ‘I don’t believe you.’

‘Well when you were five, you pissed in the pool and blame it on the chubby girl with the blue hair.’ The voice was just sounding bored now.
“All right what if I was to believe that you’re my inner voice. Why are you talking to me now? How are you talking to me now instead of just being my thoughts?”

Just then a little Iruka dressed out in black shinobi and loose chestnut hair and a Hitai-ite on his little forehead popped out from under the pillow and walked onto his flushed face and leaned against his nose, causing his eyes to go cross-eyed to look at him. On the little Hitai-ite was a dolphin. Of course it would be a dolphin.

“Well I’m all up in your head of course.” It had to smirk like some smug bug. Hey smug bug that rhymes. Heehee. Oh right. Pay attention, you going insane right now. “I just decided that you need me outside of your head and talk to you like this. But try to remember….” Here, the little Iruka-Insect got on his little knees and grabbed his right cheek with his little hands for attention. “Try to remember that I’m only a figment of your imagination and people will think you are insane if you try to talk to me outside of your mind. They can not hear or see me and will look you up faster then a ghost can say boo.”

“Oh like I’m not crazy right-” He was cut off when there was a knock on his door. Both little and big Iruka looked at the closed bedroom door but the knock was on the front door. “Oh fuck me sideways…” He groaned as he force himself up, the little Iruka hanged on to his pajama top. The top was a worn out cream shirt with a faded image of growing turtle on it. He wore faded out red boxers underneath but it looked pink to unknowing eyes and he felt eyes on his red (not pink dammit) boxers when he opened the door to a pair of Anbu standing at his door. He glared right back at them for starring.

“This may be trouble….” the Iruka insect whispered and hid under inside the collar of the sleep shirt. The real adult-size Iruka coughed, almost hacking up his lungs before sniffling back mucus in his nose before asking for their business.

“The Hokage has asked us to bring you to her. She has some bad news.” The Anbu with the red swirls on the white mask and dots under the slits for eyes spoke. He had a masculine build under his black skintight suit. The other wore a hound mask but was silent as he stared right at him during the little coughing fit.

“Can I get dress first or do you want me to go to her in my pjs?” He spoke in a cold snappy tone. Usually he was more polite to people of higher rank then he is or in general but god dammed he was just trying to gain strength to start his day just not two minutes ago.

“If you don’t mind. And we were told not to dally.” Swirls spoke again.

“Got it.” He tried to slam the door on them but Hound grabbed the door with great strength that clearly means that slamming or even closing the door was permitted. He sighed and went back to his bedroom and slammed the door there just cause he could.


The world was swirling and swaying like a tempest but he kept as still as he could while in front of his Hokage. Who has to know that he wasn’t feeling that well being a highly trained medical nin and all that. Anyway no need to let everyone know that he was having a beyond shitty day. And it got just enter into total bull shit.

They were in front of an empty cell. A cell that was housed a former friend. It was empty cause he found a way to escape. Well that wasn’t completely true, there were two dead bodies in the cell. This was his fault. Just like when Mizuki went crazy and tried to kill him and Naurto. He should have seen it. The warning signs….

“Hey she’s talking to you.” A little voice in his ear warned him and brought him back to the matter at hand.
“You were his friend, up till he decided to turn on the village. Any thing you want-”

“I would like a chance to bring him in.” He cut in, trying to hold back a coughing fit, trying to sound strong.

“Now that’s dramatic” The little voice in his ear sounded like the bug was rolling his little eyes.

“Now Iruka. We do have Anbu for this. You don’t have to go after him out of misguided-”

Again he cut in harshly in the middle of Lady Tsunade’s words with his own. “It was my fault that he was here in the first place. No need to waste Anbu power. Give it to me as B-mission. I’m due for one anyway and please make sure that my students have a suitable teacher in my absence. I will have suitable teaching plans for the one taking my place before I leave today.” He made it clear that with or without her blessing, he was going to leave and bring back his former best friend.

“Careful, you may get your wish of going missing nin soon enough with that attitude.” He slipped his ear out of annoyance. It didn’t go un-noticed by Hokage and Anbu.

“Fine but at least take one of the Anbu with you.” Her amber eyes stared into his brown tired ones, knowing she should try harder to keep this little prick of a Chuunin in this village if not in bed by the way his tanned skin look pale and unable to keep his head up by nothing but sheer will. But like most shinobi in her care, he may forgo his own health just to appease his own sake of mind. Even if she did strap him in to a bed, he would find a way to get away. She looked at Hound with a grin. Just like a certain high ranking Jounin. “You are the best teacher we have are. I would hate to lose you just because you made a careless mistake.”

Iruka nodded and almost groaned at the movement of his sore head. He straighten up and walked away, slowly back to his little hole in the wall apartment. He had a ex friend to find and bring back alive. His greatest sin.

God save the outcast

Title: God Save the outcast
Author: Violetfoxeyes
Genra: Fantasy/Adventure
Rating: g to r in areas
Heaven is a man without a tribe and suddenly finds himself in a quest that really shoved itself in his lap, dodging death and love from people and creatures he never really met and his best friend is a stone name Sid. Join the madness.


A little lady-bag fluttered in the air over a green field of yellow and blue flowers. A little breeze guided the little buzzing transparent wings a bit before the little black-spotted round insect dropped onto the soft canary petal. Eight little black legs crawled into the basin of the little flower. Suddenly the flower begin to shake as the earth it lived on quaked. The little lady-bug quickly rose to the air and fluttered away as a foot crashed down on the flower.

Five people, four men and one woman, all fire-haired and dressed in cotton-white shorts and shirts, ran in panic as a giant monster chased them down. The monster had no real name, well no name that can be pronounce in voice of man. It had a long golden-brown scaly neck with the head of a snake with blood red eyes with glowing green centers, the furry body of a grizzly bear and long scaly tail with a curved deadly blade at the end.

The long scaly head snapped its bone-crushing jaws at each runner, not really picky of who the long sharp as knives teeth would grab as long it would get someone. Screams of pain rang out through the air, causing skittish birds to take to the air in a panic as the large man of the group was picked up around the waist, thrown to the ground and ripped apart.

The remaining four members cried for their fallen bother but pushed to run faster when the sounds of bone-crushing and flesh ripping came to a stop and the monster was back to chasing them down. It had a purpose to kill off the last of the Fire Tribe and take the tribe’s treasure back to its master. It will not stop till all of its objectives. So far it had killed over twenty members of the once great tribe from the Lava Mountains in the east. Now it was down to four.

The only woman in the group carried the tribe’s treasure in a red pack against her chest. A large egg-like stone with little bloodstone gems in swirling patterns all around it, It was wrapped up in many different color of cloths to keep it safe inside the red pack. The three men didn’t really want to die but they knew in their heart if the stone was taken to the monster’s master, the death of their tribe will be only the first.

In a silent agreement and nods from all three, the fire-haired men stopped running and pulled out their pistils and shot at the beast. Giving their sister a chance to make into the deep forest beyond this green field of yellow and blue flowers.

The fire-haired woman skidded and then fell to the earth, skinning her left thigh and calf. She left herself up with a single arm as the other kept the pack against her chest. Just in time to see the curved blade of the monster’s tail going into the chest of one of her brothers and the jaws snapping off the head of the other. The remaining man turned his head over to her and yelled at her to keep running, to protect the stone. With tears running down her fair face, she picked herself up and hugged her precious cargo against her chest and ran into the forest.

The monster follow quickly as soon as the curved blade of its tail end slice apart the last man of the Fire Tribe.

It was quite nice to be on one’s own. Heaven thought to himself as he sat on an fallen tree trunk. He chewed on a piece of twig as violet eyes lazily watched a butterfly fluttered past. A light amber colored wide brimmed hat lay onto of greasy dark honey hair with black tips. The young man wore deerskin brown breeches with dark green open neck vest, since it was a bit hot that day. His long dark brown coat lay over his lather pack with his rifle sitting on top and his boots on either side of the pack. The jaguar spot markings on his right shoulder and in a ring around his left bicep marked him as a member of the Jaguar Tribe but the green tattoo under his lip and over his chin marked him as outcast in the eyes of all of the Cat Tribes.

So if he didn’t really like being on his own, he had no choice to be so. Any of the sub-groups of the Cat Tribes would not let him blend in with their people. And he doubted that any of the other tribes would let him join them anyway. The members of the Cat Tribe tend to be viewed by others as well in their words, too wild and too strange to really understand. So to be labeled as an outcast by that grouping of tribes, it would say to others that you were really not to be trusted.

Well, screw everyone and their black-toothed granny. This little kitty don’t need anyone but his rifle and knives. And to stick it to them all, he’ll journey to the canyons of his Fore-cats and find their treasure and use it to buy himself a kingdom and kicked everyone out. Just him and lovely thick-reared slaves. Heaven grinned lechery at that thought. Make them all wear just golden collars. Just golden collars.

A monstrous roar bought the young man out his thoughts and made him move to get his boots back on and grabbing his rifle. He checked the chamber for ammo and saw only one bullet was loaded in. He didn’t have time to load in more when he was suddenly on his back, over the fallen tree trunk with a soft body of a woman on top.

“Wha-?” His question was cut-off short as the fire-haired woman got to her feet and pulled him up to his.

“RUN!” She ordered and they did. Heaven’s hand gripped tightly to the woman’s hand as they ran as tree fell with groans as the snake-head monster plowed against them as it chased the two people down.

The outcast looked over his shoulder and his violet eyes grew wide in fear. He tripped over a root of an oak tree and caused them both to fell hard to the ground. He winced as he tried to move his ankle, feeling it swelling up inside his boot. The woman was looking around in desperation and saw a large hole in a tree not too far away. She grabbed the young man and pulled him over to it. Ignoring his cries of pain as she shoved him inside and pushed her red pack against his chest and hands.

“Whatever you do, don’t let anyone have the stone.” In her voice, he felt fear and pain and in her eyes, a glint of something to made him nodded his head in agreement to her order. He wrapped his hands around the bag before she grabbed it again. She pulled out the cargo that was inside and pushed it against him before dropping a huge rock inside and ran off in the direction across from his hiding spot.

Heaven shivered and closed his eyes as he soon heard the screams of pain and the roar from the monster. He hugged the wrapped up stone against his chest and bowed his head.

“Whatever I do, I will not let anyone have it.” He whispered to the spirit of the fallen woman. Unknowing that the souls of the fallen fire tribe were listening to his words and preyed that he fared better then they did in their quest.


A pygmy black tipped long-furred deer gently trotted along the forest floor. It stopped a few times to nibbled on the little moss growth on the low end of trees. Then it spotted a little brook and trotted up to the water’s edge and lowered its head down to lap up some of the refreshing cool water.

A iron neck of a rifle poked out from inside of a light green bush with little red berries among its leaves. A calloused hand cocked the rifle slowly and softly with slow exhaled of breath. A index finger squeezed slowly on the trigger as the buck lined up in view. A loud bang rang through out the atmosphere then a thug. The deer lay dead on the water edge as Heaven walked out of the bush with a happy grin on his face.

“See, now that pretty soft fur will help bring in some of the good stuff like bullets and maybe a pretty new ring.” He spoke to his new friend, the large stone that lay under his spare clothes and wrapped up food and ammo in his pack. He called it Sid.

“Now, Sid.” He pulled off his long and large coat and folded it to sit on the ground as he sat on his knees. He lay his pack on the coat and pulled out his knives. “The key thing to remember is to get as less blood on the pelt as possible. Save on the cleaning.” He gently pulled out a piece of cloth to use as a head scarf to keep his hair out of his face as he worked.

Heaven skinned the deer slowly and gently, blood spilling into the water as the outcast worked. Skilled fingers peeled off the pelt as he sliced it off of the meat. he lay it out on the fur side and worked on cutting up the meat into sections and pulling out the bones and organs. He cleaned off the knife and went on to wash the pelt, cleaning it before laying it out on a large slab of rock.

“Well, that was fun and now we have deer for dinner.” he smiled as he peeled off his sweaty and bloody vest and breeches to wash in the brook as well. “Right after I wash my clothes, I’ll get us some veggies and berries and wood for the fire.” he smiled at his pack as he washed the soiled clothing in the cool water. Then laid them out on the rock next to the drying deer pelt.

The blond outcast pulled out a pair of tattered dark blue breeches and long-sleeve pale red tunic with a laced up front that he left undone. Barefooted he told Sid to watch over things as he went out to pick up the wood for the cooking fire and small amount of wild carrots. He found nothing else to add to the small dinner so he went back to the brook.

He built a small cooking fire and laying out two slabs of meat on his single piece of cookery , a iron pan and cut up circle pieces of carrot to lay around the slabs of meat. As the food cooked, Heaven cut up the meat a bit more into travelable pieces. He threw the organs out into the bushes for the wildlife to feast upon. Then he wrapped up the bones, knowing that some traders might barter for them at some markets.

Laying against the pack, the jaguar outcast picked and ate his food with his fingers. The sun was now lowering into the hills and mountains in the distance by this time and cluster of twinkling stars were now littering the sky.

“You know, Sid. It’s just so peaceful without being around so many people. So many rules and manners to worry about.” He chewed on some carrot and meat. “I like it when its just you and me, my friend.” he sighed as he finished his dinner.

After the fire slowly burned out, Heaven lay down using his coat as a pillow. He closed his violet eyes and curled up to sleep.

Nightmares clouded his sleeping mind and a loud screeching sound awoke the outcast out of the troubled sleep. He sat up panting and wiping the night sweat from his face by the sleeve of his shirt. “Come on, Sid. Time to get going.” He packed up his things and pulled on his coat and hat. With his rifle in his hands and the pack on his back, Heaven walked away from the rumbling brook.

A deep groove in the dirt road, juggled the lone occupant inside the creaking coach around to wakefulness. He groaned as he rubbed the sore in his neck and groaned even more audibly as long bony fingers pushed out the little wooden window, getting a full hit of sunlight in his squinty green eyes.

“Damn sunlight. Damn Coach. Damn everything.” Kenneth muttered as he felt around on his soft fox fur blanket for his golden framed eyeglasses. He muttered more about evil elusion glasses that got a screw loose anyway but he can’t afford to get them fix anyway cause his employer was a cheap old man that needed to die.

With a ‘Ah-ha!’ he held up his glasses like a great find but before he can get them onto his long pointed nose, the coach came to a sudden stop causing him to fall forward onto the floor.

“What the freaking-” He silenced himself and hid under his blanket as the sound of gunshots filled the outside air. The brunet whimpered as bullets were smashing though the oak walls of the old coach. He covered his head with his arms and squeezed his eyes shut. Praying to whoever would listen that he wouldn’t be killed or worse taken by the bandits and used as a slave or even more worse a sex slave and forced to wear sheer and shiny pants and shirts and have his navel pierced with a shiny gold barbell with a emerald in the center to match his beautiful green eyes.

All thoughts creased to stop when the coach’s door was thrown opened. Kenneth quickly grabbed the nearest object which was his quill pen. He and the balding and raggedy looking bandit both looked at the choice of defensive weapon that the clerk had chosen.

Kenneth shrugged and held it out like a knife. The bandit laughed and made to grab him but a loud gunshot caused him to stop. He tried to grab the small man again but was stopped by another sound of a rifle going off. Both men listen to two more rifle shots before the clerk let out a shrill scream as the bandit’s head now supported a large bloody hole and little bits of grey matter landed on his clear soft face.

He stopped screaming after a few minutes and panted as he tried to connect the events that were happening to his now slow-moving mind. When he gotten to the part where he had brain matter splattered on his cheek, he let out another scream and wiped his face cleaned with his long blue jacket sleeve with tiny whimpers.

The brunet curled up under his soft fox fur blanket and locked up his arms around his legs as he worked on his breathing. This was not happening. This was suppose to be an easy swap of records between the two high-ranking merchants on this side of the Whispering Forest. Two days to get to the other Merchant’s house and two days to get back. His employer even let him have his coach and three of his personal guards.

He let out a soft whimper when the dead bandit fell off to the dirt road below. He dared to peek open one teary green eye and breathed heavy as it connected with a pair of vibrate violet eyes looking through wisps of greasy blond hair. Both men looked at each other before Kenneth jumped as the man dropped a large leather pack on the coach’s bench and ducked down to rummage through the dead bandit’s pockets.

“I have no money to give you.” He blurted out, moving to clutch his pen and held it out to stab if need to. “Please just take what you want and leave me be!” He closed his eyes again. Once more thinking he will be a sex slave in sheer and shiny pants and the navel bar bell.

“These men are from the Weasel Tribe. Second team today I caught rubbing coaches.” Kenneth blinked at the words, wondering when the enslavement was going to begin cause he has to have food before noon or his stomach will be cranky for rest of the day.

“They must be desperate for something.” The man kept mumbling as he slipped the dead man’s gun belt around his own waist. Adding onto the other belt he just freed from another dead weasel “I guess you don’t know what they’re looking for, uh Sid?” He chuckled.

“My name is Kenneth not Sid and I’m lousy at…servicing. People you know like that.” The brunet mumbled the last of his words as he wrapped up tightly in his blanket like a shield. Both men looked at each other again, owlishly this time.

“I wasn’t talking to you, Kenny. I was talking to Sid and you’re not really my type?” Heaven blinked confusingly at the other man, thinking he may need his new set of guns sooner then he thought.

“It’s Kenn-neth.” He sounded out his name in correction. “And why aren’t your type. I got soft skin, curvy body for a man. I can full plump-” he shut his mouth with a squeak when they both heard a gun cocking behind the blond man.

Heaven slowly placed a finger against his pale lips and Kenneth nodded in silent agreement as the other man turned around with his hands up against his chest in surrender. It would turned out he had messed one.

The weasel grinned, showing four missing gaps in his smile as he held the rifle, pointing the busy end for the jaguar’s chest. “You killed my kin, friend. And robbed them too.” He swing the barrel at the ground at the man’s feet to let out a warning shot as Heaven tried to move for his belt. “Try it and I’ll put a hole in your stomach.”

The bandit walked slowly toward to the outcast, spurs jiggling at each step. Violet eyes narrowed and fingers bended as he kept his hands up at chest level. The clerk behind him held his breath and covered his mouth when he thought he was making too loud of a noise. Heaven moved slowly to stand between the coach’s opening and the weasel.

“I know you, I know what you are.” The bandit grinned his unholy smile. “Only certain tribes do one hit-one kill like you just did to my kin. Take your coat off there, friend.” he sneered at the word ‘friend’.

Keeping his eyes on the rodent before him, Heaven slide his long brown coat off slowly showing his spotted shoulder to the world. The coat laid in the crease of his elbows as he put his hands back up in surrounded. The brunet’s frighten eyes widen at the hidden gun peeking from above the coat on the man’s back. He slowly crawled forward.

“Jaguar. Thinking they’re top shit. Well looky here , I get to kill one and brag all about it.” The weasel man laughed as he slammed the butt of his rifle against the man’s jaw. The blond went to the side with a gritted groan and the weasel only had time to let out a ‘huh?’ as beady eyes saw the barrel of a pistil aimed at him before the bullet went through his neck.

Kenneth panted, gasping like a fish as the gun lay smoking in his hands as the bandit crumpled to the ground, choking on the blood flowing out of his throat. Heaven spit out a small spat of blood onto the dying man from biting his lip from the hit of the rifle and rubbed the angry bruise that now was forming on his freckled jaw.

He pulled his coat back onto his shoulders and re-took his pistil and placed it back on its holder on the back of his belt. He looked at the frighten man with concern and gently lay his hand on his shoulder. Kenneth fell apart, crumbling and crying into his hands.

“Well Sid, look at this mess.”



After a good hour of crying, Kenneth emerged with his glasses hanging from the tip of his pointed nose, from the coach and wobbled a bit as he walked toward the small fire where the blond man was sitting at, cooking a bit of meat and root for lunch. The violet eyed man looked up before standing up to let him have room on the make-shift bench of a log. Kenneth slump down on it and lowered his head as he took the pan and picked at the cooked deer meat with the tips of his index and middle finger.

“Everyone in your group is dead. The horse were cut from the coach and ran off during the fight.” Heaven reported as he grabbed his share and kept it in his hand as he ate.

The brunet nodded and nibbled a bit at the root. “I have to get to town and send word to my employer about what happen. He’ll send someone for me.” His voice was hoarse from crying and felt so tired.

Heaven wiggled his lips a bit and looked at his own pack for advised and sighed, shaking his head. Sid was right. It would lay heavy on his conscience if something were happen to the man were he to leave him on his own now and not take him to town. He was going there anyway to trade his furs and bones for supplies.

“Well eat up, I’ll get you to town once we cleared the area of the bodies and shit.” Heaven couched down next to his pack, the meat hanging from his teeth.

Kenneth nodded and muttered a thank you before putting some deer inside his mouth. His day can’t get any worse then this.

Five years.

It took five years of studying and research to find out that in order to get what he wanted was to obtain the Fire Tribe’s most precious treasure. L’uovo di pietra. A beautiful stone egg with bloodstones placed upon it in a swirling pattern. He had sent out his monstrous minions out to attain the stone, killing off the members of the usual large tribe was un-fortunate bonus. Well better then having a bunch of red-haired fire-freaks coming into his house and demanding that he gave their treasure back. Which can’t happen since according to a few books, he need to break the stone in order for the remedy to work.

So it was better for all if his monsters killed off the Fire Tribe. Right now, he was pondering about killing off his minions and start over with slightly smarter hench beasts as he stared down at the creatures before him. All five of them looking scared and the scientist actually thought he heard Norman whimpering. Spineless, he snorted as his fingers kept tapping on the wooden armrest of his rather plush purple chair.

He wasn’t a big man, never had been. Topping off at five feet two with spiky sandy brown hair and pale blue eyes, Major had a wire-like body that he liked to hide under bulky clothing and chains to look tougher. His father, who was a giant of a man, having a parent from the Earth Tribe and the Crocodile Tribe, always said that people will not respect or feared a man who’s as tiny as he was. He chuckled at the thought that of all of his five brothers and three sisters, the scientist was the most successful. And to honor his father, he turned him a lovely komodo dragon with large spikes down his back but only two legs since he didn’t want the old man leaving on him.

With that line of thinking, did he remember to feed the old dragon? He snapped his fingers and a little troll wadded up with a bowed head. “Make sure that my father gets something to eat.” The troll nodded and wobbled away.

Major smiled, the monsters all whimpered this time. They knew smiling is bad. Smiling mean harmful ‘improvements’ in their bodies.

“Sir?” The monsters dared to look as the tall man walked slowly up to their master. They slowly crawled or in Lolly’s case, slithered back away.

“Aw Zane. My pretty Zane.” Major smiled happily at his favorite servant. He reached into the glossy black hair as the man sat upon one knee at the side of his right leg. “They disappoint me, pretty one.” The hand brushed down the cheek, feeling the light fuzz of beard before tracing finger tips upon the orange red lips.

The black swan brushed his lips against the fingers in pure devoting love. His dark eyes shined up at the pale blue. Zane moved to lay his cheek on the older man’s leg which calmed him down from his unhappy thoughts about the failures of his monsters.

“They failed me. They didn’t get me my stone.” He pouted and glared at the five giant creatures. They all tucked the heads lower in shame.

“I’ll get you your stone, Lord of my heart.” The dark man brushed his lips against the thigh. The scientist purred happily and pleased.

“Yes, but first an afternoon delight.” The pale blue eyes sparkled in pure lust. Zane nodded with a grin and stood up. Then he gathered the chuckling scientist into his big arms and carried him off to the room behind the laboratory.

The five monsters crawled or slithered away into their own lairs, escaping their fate once more. Zane was good for them as for their master. He kept the attention off of them when they failed in an assignment.


The grass felt cool and nice. The wind carry a soft breeze from the west to cool off the sun heated skin. Arms and legs spread out, fingers in the dirt and greasy blond hair fan out. The only way to make this perfect was to shoot the mouth off of the jaguar’s current pest. In the form of Kenneth Hennwick.

For a day straight, it was nothing pure bellyaching and bitching about everything. From blisters on the feet from walking to dying from sun exposure. Right now it was how people can die from bathing in lakes. Something about tiny fish can enter into through the hole in the rear and lay millions of eggs and the babies can enter into the bloodstream and well he drifted off after that.

Sid said that he would feel guilty if they just sneak off as the brunet’s back was turned. Damn stupid piece of rock. Why was he friends with Sid again? He growled low and turned to lay on his stomach, folding his hands under his chin and glared into the glistering lake.

“Heav-ven!” The annoying man shouted from the left of him, causing the cat to growl more. “You need to bathe too, the flies are dying around you.”

The violet eyes rolled and fingers twitched into the dirt to keep from grabbing a gun or knife and just throw it at that damn mouth. He sighed and sat up, rubbing his hand into the greasy hair. Well, he did need to wash his hair. It was getting hard to thread his his fingers through it. He stripped out of his long once white but now brown vest and blue tattered breeches, leaving them where they fell.

The jaguar drove into the water and laughed as he popped out of the water, having splashed against the fail man. He wasn’t worried that he was pleased at making the other screamed in a shrilly way. He was due for something like that after the day he had.

He just wasn’t expecting to be hit in the nose with a bottle when he stood up in the crystal brown water. Sneering, Heaven rubbed at his sore nose and looked down at the bottle. He took a sniff at it and was very pleased at the small. He shrugged his spotted shoulders and squirted some of the soapy liquid into his hand.

Kenneth, on the other hand, just was busy staring at the amount of black rosette shaped spots on the thin but muscular body. They were all over one hip like the right shoulder and up and down the spine and two small clusters over each cheek. He blushed and quickly turned around. Something hit him squared in the back and looked down just in time to see his soap bottle floating on the water’s surface.

He coughed and quickly grabbed it on his way out of the lake. The brunet kept his green eyes on his pack as he put the bottle inside it and pulled out a clean light green tunic with flower pattern around the trim of the sleeve and bottom hem, slipped it on and breeches darker shade of green and pulled them on too.

The brunet was about to pull on a boot when he felt the sharp prick of a knife against his back. He let out a whimper and held his hand up. Why? Why do people always want to rob him?

“My fine spotted friend there?” An arm snaked around the brunet’s slender waist to held his back against a broad chest. Heaven jerked his head and lower those vibrate purple eyes of his. “Get on and out of there, please or I’ll make your friend lifeless under the belt.” Kenneth squealed softly as he felt the knife against his naughty place.

The bandit whistled as they both watched the sun shined on the glistering wet body of the man as he walked slowly of the water, hands held up in surrender. His lips already quivering as the cool breeze hit his wet body.

“Now I’m not a big fan of the male body, even when it belonged to a member of the cat tribe.” The man smiled as his copper-red hair flow in the breeze along with the many fringes of his coat and breeches. “But you’re mighty pretty for a fella.”

Heaven snarled. “Snake.” Like it was a cursed word as he saw the telltale markings of black, white and red along the brow and down the flat nose and over the high cheek bones.

The amber eyes of the copperhead smirked at the angry violet eyes. And poor Kenneth felt his heart beating too fast that he was sure that it would bust out his chest.

From birth till about here where he was holding a what seems to be rather bony little man, Netsuke has be hustling to get by. Well that wasn’t very true, he had a very devoting mother who had very devoting lovers that bought him presents as well. It was when he turned sixteen of age that he started to really hustle. The death of his mother took away the men that gave them presents.

So at age of twenty-six, ten years later, the snake had reached to the point of stealing from pretty boys on a swimming trip. So far on his first try, he thought he was doing good. The kitty in front of him still was glaring at him, baring his teeth as well but hasn’t grabbed for anything that could hurt him. Yet.

“You look cold, my friend.” The red-head smiled and leaned in to whispered in the trembling captive‘s ear. “My little friend, slowly and I mean slowly, give our friend here his pants.” The bony brunet moved even slower then a snail that just woke up, grabbing the sad looking breeches. “Un hooked the guns belts please. Thank you.” He smiled softly as the boy did just that and moved to hand the pants to the snarling cat. “No no, just throw them at him. I want you here with me.” Netsuke grabbed him by the waist and held him close, the side of his knife against his neck.

The wet jaguar looked like he was about to pop something in his back, moving as tense as he was as he pulled up his pants and fasten them up. “We have nothing of value. That boy shaking in your arms was just robbed the other day.”

“Well I know a nice-dressed boy like this one has to have some pretty things. I’m not picky.” The copperhead then made the brunet reached down to grab his rather nice looking pack and threw it at the blond man. “Dump it all on the ground and show daddy what’s in it.”

The vibrate violet eyes kept glaring ahead at his smiling amber eyes as he upturned the bag and let the items fell. Which was mostly bottles, little books, a pen, a small yellow pouch with a silver ‘K’ on it, a large fox-fur blanket and a glasses case.

“Told you.” The cat smirked, looking so smug. He really hated cats.

“Damn it all to Hades.” The copperhead muttered and accidentally nicked the soft neck of his hostage. The boy whimpered and the guard-kitty yelled out something. Which must have been the world ‘duck’ since he now saw a blurring object heading his way and the boy was moving away from him. Netsuke quickly moved out of the path of the knife and heard it thucked into a poor nearby tree.

“All right, that’s just asking for a fight right there, Miss Kitty.” He tossed his own blade between his hands, both eyes on the spotted man before him.

The jaguar cracked his neck and stood with his bare feet apart, getting into fighting position. Looking smug, again. “Bring it, I always wanted a pair of snake-skinned boots.” his fingers flickering for him to come at him.

The poor brunet scampered out of the way as the two men rushed at each other. The sound of flesh hitting flesh and grunts as blows made a hit. He sat on the water’s edge watching as two strong bodies moved in a really bloody and bruising dance. He winced in sympathy as he saw a knee going into Heaven’s stomach. The cat came right back with an elbow to nose.

The fight lasted for the whole afternoon and most of the evening. Both men were breathing heavily and bodies like a quilt of bruises and cuts. But both didn’t want to be the first to admit defeat. Kenneth had made a sorry looking fire and cooked some fish that Heaven had thankfully caught earlier for himself and his new friend the little turtle that had climbed up of the water to watch the long fight with him.

“This is a classic show of alpha male dominance, Cater.” He offered a piece of fish to his little turtle fried who just bit into it. “They don’t want to show weakness in front of each other so they’ll just keep fighting till they both drop.”

He blinked when they actually did but only to wrestle on the ground and starting throwing insults at each other…again. The brunet excused him self to his friend and got up to look for one of Heaven’s loaded guns. He smiled happily when he found one and aimed it out away from him to the side and covered his ear with his free hand, pulling the hammer back and squeezed the trigger.

The loud bang sound stilled both fighters, Heaven pinned under the heavier man, both panting and staring at the bony man.

“Now That I go your attention, why don’t you bring your bruised behinds over here and have some food and rest a bit and have round two in the morning.” He smiled and sat back down next to the turtle who was eating the human’s share of fish.

The copperhead grunted when he roughly pushed off of his sparring opponent and rub the smear of blood off of his lips as both men crawled over to the fire. Both men winced as he ate into a bit of roasted fish but drank down the water from the water-skin happily. They both fell back onto their backs from pure exhaustion. Kenneth rolled his eyes and rolled up his sleeves as he got to work tending each sleeping man’s wounds. Being less then gentle as he worked.

Why him? Why was it always him?


Heaven groaned as the morning sun hit him in the face and rolled onto his side to bury his face in the soft pillow. His arms wrapped around it as he sighed happily. He made a soft squeak when he felt the pillow moving and snuggling him close. Perking his head up off the pillow. Which was the coppery hair of the snake he was fighting yesterday. He sat up quickly and kicked at the man’s thigh before moving over to where his pest was sleeping.

“Sid, I swear I’ll never listen to you again about picking up strays.” He muttered as he angrily but stiffly pulled on a long sleeved tunic.

“It’s your own idiotic fault for fighting all day.” Kenneth, now used to the Sid-talking, muttered back as Cater trotted off of his chest with a sleepy growl and headed back to the water.

“You should have killed him when he was passed out. By the way I won the fight.” Heaven shoved at the brunet then went looking for a knife.

“I had you on your back, you runt.” The copperhead groaned as he held his head in his hands once he found the strength to sit up. He laid back down as the world was too dizzy for him at the moment.

Kenneth grabbed the knife away as the jaguar growled. “Heaven, please get us all some breakfast.” He pushed the irate man away into a direction not towards the groaning copperhead. He stubbed the earth beside him and build the fire back to life.

The green eyes watched as the red-haired man made one more attempt at sitting up. They kept watching as he checked over his wounds and made an unhappy face at the sight of them. Well this is looking out to be a long morning for everyone.


And it was a long morning that turned into a long afternoon. The clerk's face stayed red and the jaguar's stayed annoyed. The bandit named Netsuke, turns out hasn't been one for long, spent the last few hours talking about the many females he had mated. And from what tribes and what markings they each had and how he brought them to great climax.

In great vivid details.

After the tale of the cobra twins, poor Kenneth who held out as long as he could, past out from the over detailing of two very talented tongues on the snake's little or rather very big snake from the way he tells it. There was a long trail of blood from the man's nose, that rather scared the other two men on how free flowing it was.

"Now I know this guy is a virgin, a closeted perverted one at that. But you, runt? I bet you were a very pretty little boy that the boys practiced kissing on before showing them skills to pretty little spotted women." The blasted snake chuckled as he cleaned the blood trailed from the still unconscious clerk.

Heaven didn't bother with a look or a annoyed grunt as he didn't moved from his spot from under a tree, keeping out of the hot sun that made him shred the long coat. Bared arms crossed over the bare midriff in part defensive and part comfortable.

"Mmmm. And I bet a few of them enjoyed testing out their bedroom skills on you before moving for the real thing." He looked up to find that the cat wasn't really paying attention. More like he was napping. "Well damn, that was pointless." He really wanted to ruffled the kitten's fur.

The bony man finally woke up, groaning and rubbing his head. Then passed out once more when the copperhead's grinning face came into focused. After a good few minutes, when it was clear that clerk wasn't waking up, Heaven who was faking to nap get out of talking to the snake-man, got up shouldering his pack on both shoulders and pulled the dazed out man onto one shoulder.

Sid would be so proud of him. He haven't killed the snake or attempted kill and he was carrying the clerk instead of leaving him behind.

"So where you two fellas headed?" Netsuke walked beside the jaguar runt with arms crossed behind his head, eyes closed to soak up the afternoon sun.

"Town. To dump him off and then I'm heading to the mountains of my fore-cats and picking up the long lost treasures they said to be there." Speaking for the first time since the snake started his tales of female-conquest.

"Treasures? Why now that's adventure for both healthy and -"

"You're not invited to go." Heaven cut in. "In fact, why are you still here?" He turned his head to glare in question at the redhead, wondering what's the angle.

Netsuke shrugged his shoulders, ignoring the glare. "I'm bored." Making that the answer for everything.

"Right." The cat grunted out and kept walking. Kenneth decided to come back to the living when they switched carrying duties and staring at firm round buttocks through brown suede breeches.

"I think we need to find our friend a playmate in town." Said snake spoke when the clerk decided to walk far head of the two stronger males. "I thinking of a strong young buck of a man. He's too dainty for a woman."



Finally out of the wild feral country, Kenneth was back in the safe and very familiar form of civilization. First thing he did was to find a messaging service to send out a pigeon to his employer's shop, explaining what has happen in the last two days, cutting out his fellow travelers' stories in the past few hours and please send money and change of clothes and a carriage to take him home.

Pleased that now he would be thoroughly rescued, the little clerk went out in search of his new friends. He found them at a local and very colorful little tavern called 'Blue Herring" He squeaked when a busty dark-haired woman latched her self to his arm and mauled on his ear, thinking he was an easy man to spend money on her needs.
"Back off, he's poor. Just looks fancy." The copperhead came to his rescue from his spot at the bar. Armed with a large mug of ale and sitting to face out, looking at the many patrons.

The woman huffed and stomped away, both men and many other men watched the swaying hips and the short skirt riding up to show jiggling cheeks underneath. Kenneth blushed deeply and planted himself at the safe side of the snake and gulped down half of the large pint that was placed in front of him.

"Where's Heaven?" Once his mind came back from over imagining of thoughts that he shouldn't be thinking.

Netsuke thumbed over the large table in the corner where men and women from many tribes and looking dark and seedy were playing a card game with the spotted member of their little group at the head of the table with smoking cigar between his teeth.

"Getting the money for our food and board." He didn't flinched when a fight broke out and five men and women ganged up on the jaguar when they found out he was trying to cheat them out of their money.

Kenneth turned green around the gills when he heard bones cracking and the pretty little cat-man turned into a bloody and bruised pile of flesh. Oh he gave as good as he took but in the end, he still crawled his way to the other two. Up a stool on the other side of the copperhead, clinging to the support of the counter of the bar and wheezing out for something wet that would dull the pain.

"So how much did you win?" Netsuke sing-songed with a too cheery grinned as he placed his mug in front of the wheezing man. The smallest of the strange trio squeaked when the runt fell hard to the dusty floor of the tavern. "I think we need to try another way to gain money." Both men watched the other twitching a little, trying to decide if it was a death twitch or just throbbing of swollen flesh in pain.

The little clerk just nodded and poured ice cold water onto the poor little spotted man.

After an hour, of applying bandages to jaguar's many cuts and helping him to a sitting position at the bar, Netsuke went off to try his hand at poker as Kenneth just kept their fallen comrade from slipping off the bar again. It would seem like the copperhead was having a better time at the cards then their friend, he hasn't been caught cheating yet and there was a pile of money and other things growing at his elbow. Then the good luck ended when a dusted covered little mongrel of a girl plowed in through the broken swinging doors of the "Blue Herring", panting and looking very terrified.


There was a long period of silence before the tavern was quickly emptied out. There was still a cigar smoking in mid-air where its smoker was before he had ran out along with the rest of the patrons.

There was only three men left, one looking shocked and in awed at how fast a building can cleared out, one with his head on the bar looking like Death tried to take him but gave up and the other trying to figure out how his hard earned coin disappeared so fast at a card table.

"Thank the mighty Gods that three brave men are still noble enough to save our town."

Kenneth just blinked and looked around for another set of three men that was going kill a monster. Heaven plucked his head up and tugged at a loose bandage. Netsuke just went "huh?"

All four people looked in the direction behind the bar where groaning can be heard and a dark head poked out from behind and blood-shot eyes looked around.

"Hey where did everyone go?"

He was still unsure how the three of them, well four now along with the very tall man
once he had a few cups of hot coffee called himself Rorqua, had been sucked into helping
this town. From what the girl had described, was a three headed dragon that spit green
fire. Kenneth wanted to run away but the damn redheaded bandit was keeping a firm hand
on his shirt-tails. He pouted as the two fighters discussed a plan of action, through
mind-reading and broken sentences as it would appear as he, the girl and the monk
watched from their places at the table.

“Need spears.”


A head shake and the other sighed. “Between the two of us...”

A look at the still slightly drunk Orca and then a look at the snake.

“It could work. Need five.”

“Six.” The brunet cringed at the sight of a tooth when the blonde man spat it out with
some blood. For a man that can kill a small group of weasels with a single kill shot from
his gun to each head, he was pretty much weak when it comes to hand to hand combat.

“Six? It isn’t that overkill.” Netsuke leaned forward, blinking his amber eyes staring into
the slightly closed violet eyes, Smirking all the while.

Heaven stares at him and snorted. “Just wanna cover my ass. I don’t really care if you lot
survive. Sid wouldn’t be livable if I let this town burn to ground.”

Kenneth, again,. used to the Sid-talk just explain that Sid must be a figment of the
jaguar’s imagination that serves as his conscience. In other words, just accept the fact that
the man hasn’t tried to leave when he gotten feeling back in his legs yet. He quickly
looked away when the odd-eyed man looked at him with confused look. The name ‘Bart “
cut into the wood of the table seemed very interesting.

He wondered if Bart was a little guy or a big guy. Kenneth removed his gold-framed
glasses and dipped them in his cup of water before wiping them clean with the insides of
his sleeve. Bart wouldn’t have looked at him strange when he talked.

The snake blinked and looked back at the jaguar outcast. Violet eyes moved to look back
at questioning amber and shoulders shrugged. It take a mind reader to know that they just
agreed on something about the green-eyed clerk. Well he hoped that his boss sends
someone to take him back home so he don’t have to deal with rude men that didn’t say
their thoughts about him out loud.

“Are they always like this?” The wandering monk whispered behind the back of his hand
to the brunet. The other two was now drawing in crude sketches on backs of worn out

Kenneth had to think a bit and decided that he didn’t know either man well enough to
make any judgments other then they seem awfully close for people that tried to beat each
other’s brains out when they first met. Suppose that was how primitive men like Heaven
and Netsuke bond. Beat each other up and then develop a freaky mind thing where they
can just use facial expressions and eye movements to communicate between one other.

He doesn’t feel jealous over that. Nope not at all.

“I guess so. I wouldn’t know.” He answered back, once again focusing on the name,
‘Bart.’ on the table. Bart would be a better friend then these two any ways. They would
share the weird mind talking thing and they would so agree that cats and snakes were

The blue-eyed man looked at the younger man, taking in his bowed head and sad
expression on his pale face. He ruffled the brown hair with a smile at the little whine and
chuckled at the attempt to fix the hair back looking very well groomed. “Come on, lighten
up. We’re about to face on a large monster and we may die doing so. So we may have as
well enjoy these last moments together.”

That just earned him a look of pure terror and watery eyes from the younger man. He
smiled and chuckled awkwardly and rubbed his tattooed finger against his cheek. This is
why he doesn’t do well with other people, he always wound up saying the really wrong
thing, imaginable.

“Well, I mean, don’t be sad cause I’m sure that we might not be needed to fight the large
green-fire spitting dragon the way these two got it plan. So cheer-up, buddy, cause it may
be just these two that die and not us.” He thumbed at the two warriors that were now
casting mean glares at each other, and very close to hissing at each other in mind as well
in voice. The girl that enrolled them all in monster-killing was itchy to just run away and
pack her bags to leave the town to the monster.

That just made it worse as Kenneth just quickly hugged both men and asking them to be
careful and not die. Netsuke and Heaven just blinked at each other with large confused

Rorqua wondered if it was too late to back out of this crazy sideshow. and if there was
more coffee left in the pot. He had a feeling he may need it.


The jaguar sighed as he couched down on the rocky floor of the cliff of the canyon that
served as the town’s fort against enemies in the past during war times. Fingers restless
and legs just dying to move at the signal to jump behind the quick-made spear launcher.
Across the ravine, the snake was feeling the same restless at the side of his own launcher.
They don’t even know if these things would actually work like they suppose to but they
were only given a half a day to plan and to set everything up.

Well, Sid said that they may live after this crazy deal. If they do, he was going to kill
some snake for making them all agree to do this. For free at that.

And he wasn’t so sure about the new addition. The orca monk that only just proven how
much of a drunkard he was. And why was a monk drinking that heavily in a seedy bar any
way. Something just doesn’t add up about that man.

Two gun shots echoed in the air and the roars of the Hydra just forced every thought out
the window of the jaguar’s mind as he jumped behind the harpoon canon and released one
long wooden with iron hook tipped spear as soon as shimmy blue scaled neck came into

The spears from both side of the canyon whistled through the air and amazingly hit their
mark, going through the flesh of the roaring Hydra. The chains that were hooked into the
shaft of the spears were anchored around the strongest looking trees they could find and
hoped it was enough to secured the beast just long enough.

The beast roared in pain, thrashing its three heads around along with the barbed tail. Each
men were fast moving, launching barrels of alcohol from catapults and breaking hard
against the heads and body of the beast.

“KENNY NOW!” He screamed as loud as he could as he and the monk gathered their
bows and arrows, lighting the straw covered tips with the fires they had made for the job.
They each fired all of the arrows they had. Watching the beast erupt in flames, screaming
in fury and pain as green fire spat at them.

Heaven grunted as he dodged and rolled away from a blast that was aim at him. He
looked up just in time to see the large tail coming in a full swing at the orca monk. With
honey blonde hair in his eyes, plastern from sweat of the fires and constantly moving
around, he rushed to throw the taller man out of the way. Only to be hit in the middle by
the tail and held on as it moved around and smacked his back into a rocky wall.

The jaguar coughed up blood, splattering the burning blue tail and over his shirt. Feeling
his arms and body burning from the flames and only stayed on thanks to the barb inside
his stomach and arms.

At the side of the watching woman, the one that was given the task of giving the signal of
the approaching beast laid Heaven’s pack from where she had taken the gun out of to use.
She didn’t know of the wrapped up stone inside. That now glowed brightly and pulsing in
tune with the dying heartbeat of the jaguar outcast.

Netuke didn’t stopped in his panic at seeing the blonde man enflamed and sticking on the
beast’s tail as it continue to whip round as the monster itself was burning alive and still
thrashing around trying to get free. Unlike Kenneth who was screaming in terror at the
sight, the snake moved to try to grab the man as the tail moved towards him. He grunted
out in fury at the near miss.

Rorgua was more lucky then he was as he grabbed a long sword that was used to cut the
ropes on the catapults and quickly sliced through the burning flesh and jumped to pull the
dying man off the wiggling bit of tail before forcing it over the cliff and quickly
smothered the still on fire man with his own coat, going, “shh, it’s okay. It’s okay, I got
you now.” over and over trying to calm the coughing man.

He chewed his lip, smelling the scent of burnt flesh and hair and prayed that the man
doesn’t long to suffer. The dark-haired man whispered a prayer to a God he longed
stopped worshipping but kept the act up out of habit as he cut away loose clothing, to
only find out that the deep wound in the man’s stomach was quickly healing over.

“What the fuck?” He blinked as he moved to check the arms and the rest of the body to
only see burning flesh turning pink then back to lightly freckled skin flesh. The skin
looked healthy and clean. Even places on the scalp where hair was burnt off were
re-growing honey blond hair. The jaguar stopped breathing so heavily and relaxed into
even breathing as he went unconious.

The orca looked up to see the beast finally going down with a earth-quaking thud as
flames kept burning over its dead body. Turning it into ash and black mark on the ground.
Then back to watching the passed out warrior and softly touched soft skin, feeling harden

“Just what are you, my friend?” He spoke before using what was left of his coat to cover
the exposed torso and wondered more about the man and his origins.

He still didn’t awake in the third morning after the battle with the Hydra. The girl, Meredith allowed the newly made heroes the use of her small house at edge of town to stay and made them meals as the jaguar slept. Rorqua still couldn’t find even a bruise on the lean body, just old scars and tribal markings and couldn’t explain why he kept sleeping. Not even the town’s doctor could explain why the exiled man couldn’t wake up.

Kenneth set up a table in the only other bedroom in the house, the other one belonging to the owner of the house. He ate his meals and played solitaire with the snake’s playing cards as he spoke to the sleeping man, believing a friendly voice could lead the man’s soul out of the darkness he was lost in. It was the only thing keeping him from losing it himself.

Two days ago, his employer had sent a pigeon with a responding message. It simply said that he was fired and held responsible for the killed guards and messing horses. He couldn’t go back home ever unless he could repay the greedy man for the loss. The brunet was homeless as well jobless. Netsuke was sympatric and tried to console him with a series of drinks and card games, teaching him how to play poker. But Kenny just wasn’t able to enjoy himself. Too many things had happen in his life in the past few days and his mind couldn’t take it.

So for now, he hanged by his friend’s side till the man awakens and then plan the rest of his life from there.

“Still no change?” Meredith walked in to water the small pot of flowers on the nightstand next to the bed.

The ex-clerk shook his head and resume combing the dirty blond hair. He has to try to wash it soon, it was getting too greasy. She sighed and stood next to him.

“He was lucky to have survive, Mister Netsuke said he saw him impaled on the monster’s tail and hit against the canyon’s sides over and over. The fates must love him to keep him alive.”

Green eyes looked at her. “But not enough to let him be conscious.” The girl didn’t answer but took his cheek in her hand and peck at his forehead.

“He just lost right now, but with you keeping watch, he will find his way back.” That made him smile a little and watched her left the room before looking down on the man. A bony finger traced over the dark tattoo on the man’s chin, eye lids lowered.

Just wake up, please, Heaven. You’re my only friend in this world.

A slight knock caused him to look and waved in greeting at the orca monk as the tall man entered the room. Then he took a sit on the small wicker chair that was set up for Kenneth to sit in. Sea-blue eyes looked down on the raising up and down chest of the blond man.

“He should be dead.” He spoke, rolling his eyes to see the suddenly tensed man.

“Netsuke said I can blend some food for him, and drink it down in his mouth.” He replied, messing with the buttons on the shirt he had clothed the older man in after giving him a upper body sponge bath. The ex-clerk was too embarrassed to clean the lower body, even though he had seen it all in the bath the other day in the river. Netsuke took care of it for him. “He already tried it yesterday and it seemed to work.”

Rorqua sighed, not willing to dismiss the talk once more since they came to this house. “ I saw the fire eating his flesh. No one could have survived that. No-one but a de-”

“He’s not a demon. He’s Jaguar. I heard that they and their cousins the tigers were almost invincible among the cat tribes.” Kenneth interrupted and lied to make himself to feel better. He read somewhere that Tigers were of the Divine Tribes, tribes that were said to be have blessed by the Old Gods and granted great longevity and almost godlike in their own ways. From what he had seen, Heaven could be easily beaten but not so easily killed. It was all the beliefs he had left right now.

The orca recognized the lie but didn’t call him on it. He didn’t know the sleeping man personally so he had no right to talk but it didn’t excuse him from questioning about him.

“I heard legends saying that a kiss can cure all so why not we try it?” The snake grinned from his spot in the doorway, arms crossing each other over his chest. Auburn hair bounded in loose braids over one shoulder.

“I thought you didn’t like men.” Kenneth ignored the feeling that he just blushed at the idea of kissing, more like the idea of Netsuke kissing Heaven. The orca just frowned with an raised dark eyebrow.

The snake walked in and shrugged as he was close to the other men in the room. “Actually, I don‘t, don’t like men I mean. I just wanna see the kitten bristled and hissed at the thought that a snake just kissed him on the lips.”

This time both men frowned and raised an eyebrow. Kenneth’s cheeks still blushing red. Of course, Netsuke would come up with something useless but something to enrage the jaguar if he shall awaken ever again. Netsuke gently bent at the waist, taking the soft tattooed chin in his hand, tilting the head up and leaned down to press his pale lips against the parted lips.

The ex-clerk almost fainted at the sight. It was almost like a scene from a fairy tale, the prince or knight kissing a sleeping maiden softly to awaken her from a dreadful curse. It was all so perfect as the auburn braids laid upon the subtle moving chest over the heart of the sleeping ’maiden’.

Except when Netsuke pulled up, the ‘maiden’ didn’t wake up from his curse.
“If I remember it has to be the kiss of true love, and we all know that snakes and cats never loved each other.” Rorqua chuckled behind a curled up fist.

“All right then.” The snake unfazed at the disappointing result closed his eyes then turned around sharply and pointed at the now bewildered brunet, the youngest and smallest of the group. “You kiss him next.”

Kenneth squeaked and blushed to a deep tomato red. “W-why me?!” His green eyes were dangerously bigger then his face behind the golden frames at the thought of kissing the jaguar. Just at the thought of kissing those soft looking lips, feeling the peeling layers of skin under his. And the bullet that would go into his brain should those violet eyes opened up just as their lips touch.

“Because you know him longer.” The snake just grinned and grabbed the still wide-eyed man and pulled him to be in right over the jaguar. “And you have been his nurse all this time, makes sense you would be kissing him.”

How does that make sense? Again both men frowned at the snake as they thought the same thought.

“Just get it over with. We don’t have anything else to help him.” Netsuke pushed the small brunet to get closer to the sleeping jaguar. “Go on!”

Kenneth sighed and gently grabbed Heaven’s cheeks and licked his own lips. Still visualizing that bullet that would be going through his head and brain and into the wall of the bedroom. He leaned down pressing his lips against the jaguar’s. He couldn’t help but to press his lips harder, feeling heat begin to grow and wishing that he was getting a response from the other male.

Hands clenched around his arms and forced him back off of the jaguar. “That’s enough, I didn’t say rape the man.” Netsuke’s drawling voice muttered in his ear. The sleeping man still didn’t wake up. Kenneth felt a little sad about that his kiss didn’t awaken the man. He moved back behind them all and toyed with a loose string from his shirt.

“All right.” The snake rubbed his chin, feeling the light stubble that was growing under the chin bone. Then his amber eyes focused on the orca monk who kept silent just because he knew what was going happen next.

“It’s against my order to kiss other men.” He spoke out, turning his head away with purpose. That didn’t stop the snake to grab at him and pull him out of the wicker chair and threw him into the bed.

“Kiss him, a little peck of the lips. That’s all.” Netsuke kept a strong grip around the tattooed neck and forced the head to loom over their sleeping friend’s.


Voices….annoying voices were creeping through the fog. He reached for his guns but found none, just the flesh of his marked thighs. He was naked as he stood in the fog. Not feeling cold but hot, burning hot. But he didn’t sweat or felt his skin burning in the heat. He just ‘knew’ it was hot.

The earth under his bare feet shook as giant footsteps came closer and closer, a large figure outlined in the fog. A head on the end of a long neck loomed till he felt its snort on his nose. He couldn’t see scales or feathers or skin or anything that told him of the creature’s species. Just pitch black and glowing red eyes staring into his widen violet one.

We are bonded now, Heaven of the Jaguars. We keep each other safe from now on.

Who are you?

You should know. You named me after all.

Then all he saw was an unfamiliar man’s face looming over his own, feeling his lips against his own. Tongue poking against his own inside his own mouth. Big hands cupping against his cheeks.

Violet eyes narrowed and glared before curling up his fist and slammed it hard against the man’s cheek and kicked him off of his body.

“Wow, that’s surprising.” The damn snake chuckled. He ignored everything else as he stomped out of the room, grabbing his things and stomped out of the house. It took the other three men three hours to catch up with him on the road.

Divine Bastard: Chapter Two

Divine Bastard:
Chapter two:

It is now 0600. The subject was still sleeping peacefully in the assigned room. As the subject’s primary caregiver, it was up to Jed Sulliman to go down to the Mess Hall with a metal thermos that would be filled with Chef’s own blend of coffee and mixed in with French Vanilla creamer. The gamma shift were there eating their late night dinners, along the other early raisers that were munching on breakfast. Aitheria’s own doctor was sitting at a table, nibbling on toast and working on a crossword puzzle. A fuzzy bunny slipper tapping on the floor to an unknown beat while the navigator was sleeping with his head on the table, snuggling a teddy bear dressed in doctor’s scrubs.

He wanted to sit down with the bleached-blond and chat for a bit but the subject would be needing the coffee in order to his great and awesome self. So with a quick wave, the security officer said good morning to Dr. Cletus, who just grunted, never looking up from his PADD. Jed nodded his morning greeting to sleepy crew members on their way to start their shifts or their way to their rooms for bed. Then he was standing in front of the door to his own personal Mecca. He took a moment to rest his head against the Holy Door, rubbing his hand against its smooth surface and just soaking in the pure awesomeness that radiant from inside.

Then he looked to the right and to the left, seeing no-one coming or going from either direction. Jed tapped in the code to unlock the door, wincing at the loud swishing sound, holding his breath before he walked inside. The big burly man felt so small and humble as he slowly walked around the room. To outsiders, it was a room of pure chaos, ugly tropical shirts and band shirts and other items of clothing clattered the floor as the desk and shelves are filled to the brim with models of ships and weapons and PADDS. But to Jedidaiah F. Sulliman, it was like being in God’s bedroom. He stood quite still, watching the lump under the green with black tiger stripped bed cover. After a few minutes of careful breathing, the big man placed the metal thermos on a clear spot on the work desk, and pulled out a clean white rag and took a coffee mug with a brass knuckles ring for an handle and slowly made his way into the pilot’s bathroom to wash the mug out in the sink.

The security guard would do anything for his pilot. The man was just so perfect, only five feet and eight inches with the cutest blond curls framing around his cherub face and big blue eyes that twinkle with their own light, even more so when he was handling a weapon or cutting down the Captian with his snaky but cute remarks. The pale skin has to be soft to the touch , like puppy’s fur. Not like he had a chance to touch the pale smooth skin. Alas, Jed has to admire from far since the pilot doesn’t even notice him except when it came to weapon protocol and when he was asking for his mug to be refill with coffee. Dark brown eyes narrowed in at the sight of unfamiliar items in the bathroom, like the herbal scrubs and unmarked bottles of other herbal things that lined the more cleaner side of the bathroom sink.

His pilot, his only meaning in this dull and empty life of a solider, has a new roommate.

A Magi roommate. A hoo-doo wielding ‘Holy’ man that had gotten Captian Cook all up in a tizzy the day before. The Captian was a prime example of a hands on pervert. He was easy on the eyes, if one has to say it like that. All the female crew members and some males were in love with his cocky smile and glistering grey eyes. But the man was a total moron and was only a figure head. While Lieutenant Andrey Bismark was the true Captian of The Aitheria. The man behind the shiny Captain’s chair if you will. But the Magi has now sharing the bathroom with the great man, when Jed has sent in request after request to take the empty room on the other side of the bathroom door. Clearly, he has to find out who does room assignments and persuade the officer to do some switching around,

Then shrill and blood-curling screams wrecked through the image of the security officer ‘persuading’ the room assigning crew member. The floor shook, Jed had to grab onto the edge of the sink counter while the pilot was jumping out of bed, fumbling around for his assigned gun. When the floor seemed steady to walked on again, the big burly man forced the door open, ready for action as he stomped into the Magi’s quarters.

Now this was a scene of chaos. Everything was all over the place, turned over or cracked as the dark haired Magi was clutching the side of the bed, he was sitting on the floor when he fell off in his terror. Jade eyes opened wide in unfocused terror and he was breathing in quick and shallow inhales and exhales.

Jed slowly moved towards the man, hands out and eyes watchful as if he was approaching a wild scared animal. Andrey just burst in from behind pushing the bigger man to the side.

“What the fuck?! Seriously are we under attack or what!?” His blond curls bouncing around against his forehead as he looked around at the mess then looking at the Magi who had claimed down and was standing up, fixing his bed back together. He kept his head down.

Paradise didn’t answer back, feeling way too embarrassed about having the two men rushing in after the little outburst. He suffered from chronic nightmares. They were from that the he was a teenager before his old master found him bleeding and dying after a gang raid in the desert. Just images of Hellish terror of people imploding, screaming before turning into ash. He was stuck in the center, covered in blood unable to stop himself from killing the dream people.

“Nothing is wrong here.” He looked up, calm and sure and eyes staring that said ’nothing to see, move along.’ The magi was dressed in layers of clothing, unable to feel warm in this freezing ship in his normal sleeping attire. He even had on five pairs of socks after expressing that first shock of bare feet on cold metal floor. Paradise kept his scared cheek hidden by keeping his head turned to the right.

“Says the man dressed like my grandma on her way to the knitting convection.” The pilot remarked and answered the Comm that was beeping for attention, asking what just happen with ‘it was just our resident Magi having a nightmare, carry on.’

“Jed, do you mind? Clearly everything is fine and we don’t need the head of security looming around.” He addressed the bigger man of the three in the room, yawning as he rubbed his hands in his fair curls.

Jed was memorized at the action and at the sight of the shorter man just in a pair of cotton boxers with little cartoon figures printed all over it and old faded to grey shirt with a smoking gun printed on the front. He coughed and nodded when he finally came to.

“R-r-right s-sir.” with that he just saluted and bumped into the door when it didn’t just swish open for him. “Umm…the mug is in the sink and the coffee on the desk. See you on t-the bridge.” He bowed at the waist and walked out when the door did swished open, rubbing his sore nose.

Pilot and Magi just looked at each other with mirrored looks of raised eyebrows at the whole scene. Then they both just shrugged their shoulders. Andrey gave a long yawn, rubbing his stomach as he made his way back to his side and Paradise began putting his room back into order. Tossing the broken items in a wastebasket, he sighed then groaned as he covered his face in his hands. His bathroom door was then closed as the pilot started up the shower.

Perfect. Perfect. At least on Aeryon, a mini quake could be explained off easy. No-one would pay attention to it at all. But on a ship that was flying through space , how could he explained it off? ‘Must have been a problem with the engine? Ha ha?’ Right, that could work. Not.

The Magi sat on the bed, stretching his back and grumbled when he felt his nose and ears turning cold. Why couldn’t they just turn up the damn heat? Not everyone were from ice planets for fuck sake. He pulled the hood that was connected to the pale red sweatshirt that he wore over the sleep shirt over his head and buried his face inside.

After the tackle from the Captian the day before, Paradise spent the rest of the day in his new room. He didn’t dare move from his bed when he felt the ship taking off, leaving the Magow Union station. Then once he felt safe to move, he just set up his room with his meager belongings. The Magi don’t get paid often, if at all, for their missions. Mostly any money that came from Temple were used mostly to buy needed supplies while away on missions. Most Magi don’t even buy clothes for every day use. Only for what was needed when they have to go undercover.

Students don’t even get the right to wear anything but the official student dress of simple green tunic and white pants to go with the brown boots and dark brown robes. So most of his clothes were freshly brought right after he graduated to Master. By most, he meant all. He really had hated the green tunic and white pants but as good little Magi student, he sucked it up and then burnt the clothes after he could afford to. Still he didn’t have a lot of clothes, just enough to fill up half of the space in the closet. There was no need to explain how he bought the clothes but just know that Temple would be very, very unpleased with his method.

The required Magi dress uniform which was really a light cream colored tunic and dark brown pants hanged in the far back, ready to wear when the time came for it. Mostly when a Master Magi of Temple ranking came to visit. Hopefully that would be a rare thing. The whole damn thing was itchy and uncomfortable to wear longer then five minutes. Cheap material for an order of monk-like warriors.

That made sense in a weird way, he guessed.

Once the room was set up as he wanted it to be for the time being, his stomach was growling. So pulling on the pale red hooded sweatshirt to wear under his robe to stay warm and also to be prepared for another stripping attack, The young Magi walked on out into the hallway of the crew quarters. He was told that he would be sharing the bathroom with a senior officer, the main pilot of the Aitheria. But since it was just now time for beta shift when he finally came out of his room, he hasn’t met his roommate yet. Nationally he was….not nervous, but curious about the man.

It would suck so bad if the pilot was anything like that insufferable Captian Cook. It would be bad to have to kill two men instead of just that one.

The Magi walked down the hall, feeling sort of lost on his way to the Mess hall. He bit at his lip, trying to remember what floor it was on if it wasn’t on this one. Before long, his hungry self was like fuck it and made his rational self, just sensed out for it, instead of just asking a wondering crew member for directions. He will not accept help from people when he has to be seem all powerful and all knowing. Paradise leaned against the metal wall and closed his eyes and breathed in and out slowly through his nostrils.

A hard impact of air hit him as his astral body left the physical body and zoomed out through the ship before it located the most wanted area. The astral body then was pulled back in a deep inhaled. “Oof.” the sudden feeling of a hard object hitting into him, cause Paradise to back into the wall with thud. He rubbed his head, glad not to feel a bump growing behind there. Then he made his way to a turbo lift and hit the required button to make it go up one floor. Glad that he was alone so he could hug onto the walls as he felt the lift just flying up then come to a sudden jerking stop.

He would never get use to space travel. Desert life was simple. One could go outside, feel the heat of the suns and the sand under your feet. Could feel life all around you, not cold and metal. He really hoped that this mission was a short one and his next one was back at home, where he was comfortable and safe.

The lift open and he quickly pulled his robe hood over his head to hide his face when he saw that people were waiting to use the lift. He pushed his way put and walked with his head held high, creating the air of importance. He was Magi, he was important.

The Mess Hall was buzzing with crew members of the Aitheria, mostly from alpha shift on their meal break. He groaned when he saw the Capitan sitting at a table, talking to members of his crew while surrounded by the female staff. The key thing to remember about the crew that worked on the flagship of the Union is that they were the most un-orthodox of the entire Union Star Fleet. The crew don’t even wear the required uniform of blue and gold. Some were just the pants with a shirt of their choice, others the jacket with their own clothes. A lot of the women went the too small and not enough approach to the dress code. So to see Cook’s head bobbling among the sea of cleavage, Paradise felt his blood boil a little and ignored the captian call of ‘Olander over here!’ and planted himself in line for a bowl of pasta with meat sauce and gilled cheese sandwich. He grabbed a cup and poured himself some fruit drink before walking away from the buffet line.

He headed for an empty table, not really up to making buddies on the first day at meal time. But then something made the Magi changing his mind. More like a snarky line from a snarky blond pilot.

“Ever been so drunk that you flipped a tank?” He stopped and raised an thin eyebrow before stopping at the side of the pilot, then sitting down in the empty chair.

“Ever been so mad that you start swinging a cactus?” They both shared a curled of the lip as both men looked at each other, right before Paradise took a bite of his sandwich.

“Yep right before I flipped the tank.” The blond man took a sip of his coffee. From that simple action a bond was made.

A few tables away, a solder with a buzzed hair cut almost squeezed his cup into a ball, watching his Idol , his golden God of the stars begin to talk to the Aitheria’s new Magi.


The door from the pilot’s side open just as Paradise was drying his hair from the morning shower with his Union issued towel. He barely had enough time to cover his right cheek from his roommate , feeling self-conscious about his scars. Even more so when he just provided the rough wake up call for the man. Andrey didn’t seem to care when he rushed for his toothbrush and paste and started brushing his teeth at the sink. He kept his blue eyes down as he scrubbed his teeth with quick jerking movements.

“If you going to treat us all to a wake up call, by the way, I greatly am against that, I suggest just setting an alarm next to Comm speakers. I don’t really like jumble around in my own bed unless I got a somebody doing the jumbling with me.” He looked up in to mirror to meet the one jade and the one lighter hue eye. Smiling a little as he spit out the minty spittle in the sink.

Paradise, despite not wanting to, allowed his lips curled up in a grin and snorted to keep from chuckle himself. “I’ll try to keep from shaking this ship around in the morning.” He shook his head as the towel hanged over his head, walking back into his room. He quickly grabbed his hood sweatshirt to pull over the blue midriff long sleeve shirt, cursing once more about the fake air of the ship.

Then he dropped down on the bed , grabbing his boots and sliding them on and tucking his pants legs inside before tying them up. The boots were black and went up to his calf with purple and green shoe strings.

“You know, Pari, Dr. Cletus would be very unforgiving if you jumbled him out of bed. Though much doubt that he would feel the impact of hitting the floor as much he drinks at night.” The pilot walked in, pulling on his Union uniform jacket to wear open and over a blue and white tropical shirt. “I have great beliefs that the man’s blood is fifty percent rum.”

“So when the rum’s gone, we could always drink his blood?” Paradise looked up as he tried up his left boot.

Andrey shrugged. “Or just raid his room for the bottles he got hidden there.” He tugged his pilot hat on the top of the blonde curls. Then walked back into his room to grab a pair of 3D glasses to wear,

At first sight of these from the day before, Paradise had asked him why he wore these glasses. The answer was scary as much as it was funny. The pilot just answered that he had no depth perception. It made him feel so much better that he was on a ship in space with its pilot unable to see correctly in depth. He rather not ask questions on how he came to be the Aitheria’s alpha pilot. Just as long he doesn’t crush into anything, he was happy not knowing.

They left through Paradise’s door for the lift. Andrey sipping on his coffee as he held the thermos in the other hand, cradled to his side like a precious metal child. He just loved it that fresh coffee with French Vanilla creamer mixed in was always waited for him in the mornings and throughout the day. He need this Heavenly drink to function and if Lieutenant Bismark couldn’t function, the ship would cease to be the glory that it was to the Union.

Lord knows that Captian Peter Cook wasn’t doing anything for the Aitheria. That dandy debutante. He just sat on the throne and flirt with the crew and practice his ‘why yes I am sexy’ smile in a small pocket mirror. So without Lieutenant Bismark, The Aitheria is just a ship filled with fools. It was still a ship filled with fools but fools that get the job done.

That was the important part.

He sipped on his mug as the two man plus three ensigns that looked like they were sleeping on their feet were carried in the lift up to the floor where the mess hall was located. Paradise of course had his robe hood up over his head to cover his face. Even that pansy ass Julius could see that the Magi was self-conscious about the scars on his face. But he saw nothing wrong with them, he had seen worse. Just not his place to just yank the hood down when the man doesn’t want it to happen.

The lift jerked to a stop and the riders walked. Paradise groaned as he saw the long line at the buffet spread and just pluck down in a chair. “I’ll wait.” Head tucked under folded arms. Andrey sat down with the thermos on the table.

“Don’t wait too long, these vultures would grab every single bit and then you would end up starving to death and then we would be needing a new Magi.” He sipped at his mug and then poured more of the Heavenly liquid into it.

“Well I’ll save y’all the headache of breaking in a new Magi for the third time and grab something when the line is a bit shorter.” He replied from under the cover of arms and cloth.

“That’s the spirit.” The blond pilot raised his mug in a half-hearted salute then sipped some more. He didn’t blink when Captian Peter Cook sat down across from the Magi. Just rolled his eyes when the man started speaking.

“Why, Olander. You look like a barrel of sunshine.” He grinded, reaching over to pet the jade-eyed man on the head. His hand was slapped away before it could made contact. Have to be amazed at those other-worldly skills.

“It’s Paradise, not Olander.” He raised his head to glare at the man in front of him. “Shall I bounce around in a little mini skirt and bra with a name tag on so you could remember my name? “ He groaned when the captian just grinned bigger at the image. “I’m not going to bounce around in a little mini skirt and bra.”

“I really don’t think you got the legs for it myself, Pari.” Andrey commented, setting the mug down on the table. “I see you in a lovely knee-long skirt with the spilt in the side.”

Paradise shrugged and made for a grab towards the mug to get some caffeine in his system. He let out a squeak when his hand was swatted by a pale hand. “Mine.” the pilot pulled the mug closer to himself to protect the cup.

“Back to the mini-skirt idea.” Cook held up a finger with a thoughtful on his light-creamy face.

“Let’s not.” Both men spoke in unison. Then the Magi stood up, wanting a spot in the line before it turned long again.

“Sir, if I may.” Cook turned his head to face his pilot. “He isn’t going to fall for your lack of charm and well practice smile, so why not quit well you’re just a pest to him and try to focus on your ship.” Blue eyes stared at grey eyes, as the mouth was covered once more by ceramic.

“But I got him where I want him, my dear Lieutenant. I’ll give it till the end of the week till he’s begging to be in my bed.” He chuckled and wink before getting out of the seat and headed over for another table.

“I’ll give it till the end of the week till you’re begging for the morphine for the pain in your back.” Andrey sighed, muttering to himself.

Across the large area, sat two fuming but very beautiful officers. Julius Conrelius Von Histanbul Aloquotious and Isabella Churchill were the senior communicator and the head of the Science branch of the Aitheria. Both thought to be the jewels of the Union flagship and only their little group of minions, or legally known as ensigns thought that. They were also the co-leaders of the Cook fan club aboard the ship. And they were not happy that their handsome and wonderfully charming leader was chasing after some riff-raff from a giant ball of dust.

“We need to get rid of him, some how.” The white-haired xeno tapped his perfectly groomed nails on the surface of the table.

“He’s the Magi. It won’t be that easy.” The redheaded woman picked roughly at her grapefruit. “Very doubtful that we could do the usual tricks on him.”

“We are the smartest minds of the Aitheria. We can think of something to get rid of that desert-worm.” Her friend retorted as he swirled his spoon in his raspberry flavored tea. “Magi or not, he isn’t that invincible. He is a just a man, therefore he shall be easy to remove. “ He pulled the ceramic cup up to his lightly painted lips. “Or at least be viewed lowly in our dear Captain’s eyes. “ He took a long graceful sip.

“Oooh, got any ide-” She started to speak but was cut off when her spoon cut deep into the pink pulp of the fruit and great amount of juice squirted into the pink eyes of the communicator.

He screeched to an un-worldly high pitch as he jumped up in panic, rubbing at his eye. Then he yelped when he toppled over a pulled chair and landed sorely on his rump, back and head. The entire Mess Hall was in silence as his minions gathered him up and quickly took him down to the Med Bay. Petting his soft white hair, cooing gentle words that it would be all right. Isabella nervously chuckled at the other crew members as she stood up, smoothing down her skintight, tiny tee shirt before running out of the Mess Hall after her best friend.

“Couldn’t write better stuff then that.” Andrey grinned against his mug as his new friend sat down beside him with his breakfast tray. Both were laughing at the whole scene as they spilt an omelet and sausage plate.

Divine Bastard: Chapter One.

Divine Bastard:
Chapter one:

Blood. The only blood spill was from the cut on the side of the angler face, that went from the corner of the cupid bow lips to the temple and from then from the hairline down to his jaw. Both was bleeding madly for the first few minutes. The boy was more concerned about the blood that was just free flowing from his abdomen. He held his hands against the wound as he looked down on the dark crimson staining the front of his shirt and pants. Then with wide terrified eyes, he looked around to see dark ash caught in the desert winds, just fluttering in the wind among the sands.

Fire, no lava was flowing through his veins as he stumbled around, unable to focus from the pain and the mixed vision of red and clear. Gawleri wanted his poppa, his mamma to cradle him and say it would be all right. Even though he was sixteen and by all standards but one a man. But right now, with panic and confusion clouding his mind, he needed his parents, Hell one of his elder sisters to hold him and just care him. He wasn’t even sure that he was on the right path to the large housing settlement that was the Cloudstormer’s compound. He just knew he had to walk in this direction before he bleed out all over the blue sands of Aeryon. He laughed with shrill and gasping breath at the thought of his red blood and the blue sand turning purple from the flowing drops from his wounds.

Then he fell to the sands, gasping and wincing and with one hand he dragged himself through the sands like a surfaced worm. He didn’t want to die, not in the sands, not like this. He flipped over onto his back, swallowing spit and air, tasting the copper metal taste of blood, his blood, and cried out, kicking at the blue sands. Gawleri pleaded out to the twin blazing suns, one blue and one yellow, to make the lava in his veins cool back down to blood. It was burning him alive. Sand blowing into his eyes as the winds picked up, making him tear up even more. He rolled back and forth, just falling back into child of six then a man of sixteen as he cries out for his mamma.

Sounds of sand crunching under heavy boots, he prayed it was boots. A dune-dragon or a sandworm was only too fucking much right now. He tilted his head back to see boots coming for him. His head began to get fuzzy as dried blood with sand stuck in it over his right eye made it hard to keep it open.

“Poppa? Poppa, oh it hurts!” He called out, reaching for his poppa with one hand still holding onto his stomach. Strong hands took it, cradled it, petting it while a strong voice saying it will be all right. Just close your eyes. “The lava hurts me!” A hand covered over his eyes as breathing was getting harder to remember to do.

Then the lava was suddenly cooled down. He smiled so gratefully before succumbing to sleep.

Ten years later,

The air was cold, fake on his skin and in his lungs. Stall even though it was being recycled every 3 seconds through the vents of the station. Paradise was desert-born, used to open air and hot suns. Here is was cool to make all life forms comfortable and artificial light from over head. He already missed the sandstorms and roars of sand-worms, rather deal with them then with other humanoids and the many legged ones and the non-legged ones of the Union Starfleet. His old teacher was having a ball though as he glided all over the place, smiling and talking like his switch was stuck on hyper-speed. The old man was born on a water-planet and enjoyed company of many instead of a few or even one. Servi was only on Aeryon because of him, training him for years under the two suns before receiving a message from the Temple to go to the Union Station in the Magow system. Paradise was chosen to be the Magi resident on a Union ship called Aitheria.

He wasn’t pleased. He didn’t like ships or the idea of sail among the stars. Don’t get him wrong, he loved the shape of them. He had his left entire arm inked with colorful stars in many sizes. But he doesn’t like the idea of being frozen to death all the time and unable to walk out when he’s bored of being inside.

“Don’t you look like the Grim Reaper?” An annoyingly cocky voice brought the young Magi out his gloomy thoughts. He turned his head automatically to the right, shielding his right side against the soft material of the large hood. He had the hood up mostly to hide his scarred face, still feeling sensitive about it. His old teacher always laughed and chided him about hiding in his large brown-red robes and hood even in their home that they shared together like father and son.

“I’m Pater Cook.” The man smiled welcomingly, holding out a hand to Paradise. His hair was cut short but still long on the front and sides to have some flipped over his left eye and was dressed in Union gold and blue with a star and a stripe on his collar. A captian.

“Paradise.” He coldly responded and nodded his head, keeping his hands folded in the robe’s bell sleeves. He inwardly smiled at the pinched look on the light-cream face and awkward jerk of the hand as it was pulled back.

“Just Paradise? No last or first name, just Paradise?” He asked as he moved to stand in front of the Magi so he wouldn’t have to keep his head at an uncomfortable angle. To be polite even after getting a rude greeting. Paradise didn’t move his head just a single jade green eye to watch the captian before him.

“That’s right. Just Paradise. It is my Magi name therefore you may call me only by that.” He felt his neck cramping up but he didn’t want this…man see his scars and start asking questions about it. People before always wanted to know if he got them in a great fight and try to make him into some great Magi warrior when in reality, he only just reached Master status three months ago. Being chosen to be the Aitheria’s Magi was his first mission as a Master.

“Odd name for a Magi. Was hoping for something more… Mysterious like ummm…” The captian pondered with his hand on his chin. The Magi groaned internally and pulled his hand out the safety of the sleeves to rub at his now very sore and cramped neck. “I got it, Oooolander.” the fool even fluttered his fingers in the air as he ooo’ed before adding ‘lander’ to them.

He stared hard. Even forced his neck to turn straight to do so with both eyes. He always told him that Olander, with one ‘O’ was already taken but for some reason , the Magi didn’t want to add on to the man’s disillusions.

“Oh I bet that hurt.” Cook reached in close to rub his hand against the faded skin on the Magi’s cheek. Paradise quickly darted his head back, confused and disgusted that the brunet actually thought that touching was allowed. He held his hands up in the air in understanding surrender, taking a step back. Two to be sure. “Okay, but I know that had to hurt. It looks old too.” Acting like a child, Paradise hid more of his face under his chopped dark bangs and hair.

“Not really.” Now the one on his stomach and the burn scar on his back was painful but he wasn’t going to talk about that. Not with this man. EVER.

Like a savior, he heard Servi calling him and rudely just left the captian with not even a parting nod as he turned his back on him. The long robes bellowed around his calves as he walked with great indifference over to the pot-belly man who had his arm around a Maggowiense Union Admiral’s shoulder, laughing and rubbing his belly with his free hand. He was grateful to have a kind master and teacher but really, there is such as a thing as being too friendly with people.

“Don’t be eye-rolling me, you dune-worm.” The old man shook a plump finger at his now formal student before chuckling and pounding against his back, now turning his head back to the Admiral’s feather-head. Paradise quickly re-gain his balance and stood up straight, hands neatly folded in the bell sleeves, looking like an old wise man. Like a Magi should be. Servi only laughed more and actually yanked his formal student’s hood back to reveal large open jade eyes, one a few shades lighter to almost blue, ruffled burgundy hair. Paradise continue starring like a scared Aeryon Bell-ear before coughing and rubbing down his ruffled hair back to groomed perfection.

“He’s young for Magi Master, Sir Servi.” The Maggowiense studied the young human with thought.

“He still gets startle when the ship hits past the atmosphere. And hangs onto anything to the ship‘s walls.” His master chuckled, agreeing to the idea of how young and inexperience he was. Paradise just narrowed his eyes and wished he can set something a-blaze right now.

“Well, then it’s safe to say that his space cherry’s been popped but damn, I’ll get him acting like a boomer before long.” The cocky voice was back and he felt his blood boiling under his skin. Oh he was no longer feeling chilly in this fake air. He felt his skin turning red when the captian placed his hand on his shoulder.

The other two males laughed at the crude joke while the young Magi counted to hundred and another hundred in his head before smiling, forcing it out, looking like an irate sand-dragon then an amused young man. He roughly pushed the hand off of his shoulder and look back at his old master, before a light ball went off in his mind. He finally realized something that was rather important.

But he didn’t allow his eyes go big and changed his mannerism at all as he looked at Cook, smiling a bit more dangerously. “So I take it that you’re the Aitheria’s captian then?” There was three Union ships shipping out this day but the other two chosen Magi for the other ships had already met up with their captains and were already getting settle in their new quarters.

So of course, the annoying and cocky man with the vulgar gray eyes would be his new captian for the next year or so. Till the Temple sent word for him to embark a new mission. He was already praying for it to be soon. Like next week soon.

“Yes sie, I am. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you Olander. “ He dared to wink and grin while Paradise just wished fire and death through his eyes.

“It is Paradise.” He snarled and felt his nails going into the flesh of his arms to keep them from going the soft neck of the brunet beside him. It will be a long year for the Magi.

“Oh. I know.” Cook just grinned and squeezed his shoulder like they were old friends. Which will never happen. Magi do not make friends with Union dogs. His old teacher was exceptional. He was even friends with man-eating sharks.

How he pulled that off, Paradise will never know.

“Well then if you too are already introduced, why don’t you Captian Cook take your new Magi onboard the Aitheria. Show him around.” Servi smiled warmly with a twinkle in his yellow eyes like he knew something that he didn’t. Which given his old age and many years of experiences that was more then true.

Before Paradise could even protest, Cook already had him walking away and towards the Union Flagship. He looked over his shoulder and see his old teacher waving and smiling, mouthing the words ‘have fun’ before turning his head back to talk more with the Admiral.

He had a bad feeling about all this but he sighed and pulled his hood back over his head, hiding his scarred face once more. He was Magi, he was taught to handle any given situation. Still he much preferred to be back on Aeryon. At least he was warm.


He lost interest somewhere on deck E or was it called floor nine, he don’t know anymore, but kept following the hyper-active captian as he showed him around. Talking about which codes were used for which floor and door. Given that he was given Top Clearance, same as Captain, he needed to know all the codes for ever door and floor, minus the crew quarters. But with his Magi teachings, he could just force the door to open.

Paradise rather just spend the next few months in his room, listening to his music pods and get on fixing up his saber. In his final mission as student, his trusty weapon was damaged but in all the excitement of his level up to Master and being assigned to an Union ship just months after. He didn’t have a chance. It was nagging at him from the back of his mind like a sore tooth that he was pretty much weaponless in a new and strange surroundings. Well that wasn’t exactly true, he had little throwing knives in his pouches on his belt. But to be without his switchblade saber was very unsettling.

“Now this is the Bridge.” Paradise was settled but didn’t jump as the large doors swished open and the brunet captain walked in with a smile on his face, it hadn’t left when they met but it was beaming with pride as he now plumped in the chair in the center of the large room, swiveling it to look back at the unimpressed Magi.

“They still need to get a chair for you though.” He rolled his eyes at the thought and looked around, seeing the Aitheria’s crew members busing themselves at their sections. Some even were looking at him, in awe and in fear. He had his hood over his face still, no doubt looking like a dark figure from their nightmares.

Paradise felt very self-conscious and wished that Cook would show him to his quarters so he could hide from so many eyes. He hide back in his hood and robes, feeling safe under the large dark cloth. Cook clearly wasn’t having that as he felt his hood being yanked down for the second time that day. He had some gasps as now everyone could see the scares on his cheek.

“I’m going have to hide this thing, scaring my crew looking like the Grim Reaper.” The other man talked as he went even further and start un-buttoning at the collar and worked his way down.

“Hey hey hey!” He swatted at the hands like a fussy toddler before closing up the robe with huffy breath. “Its too cold in here, trying to freeze me?!” Paradise took a few steps back, even moved to hide behind the pilot who just walked with a cup of warm coffee in hand. He looked surprise to be standing between his captian and Magi.

“It’s not that cold, you big baby.” Cook sighed and moved for the large robe again. Then found himself unable to move as the jade eyes stared at him focused and intently. “Cheater.” He grunted and looking soured.

“I call it surviving.” He wasn’t pouting, he would never admit to it. The pilot got over his shock as being in the middle of a very childish fight as he shoved his mug at a nearby ensign and turned around to pull off the robe forcefully and balled it up to throw at his Captian.

Paradise too stunned by the actions to have notice the cold as he stood in just his white skintight shirt and red mesh shirt that laid over it and black slim pants. He even unleashed the Captian from his invisible hold. The other man just stumbled and chuckled before sliding right in front of him. Fingers pulled at his red and black sarong that hanged around his narrow waist.

“You got a very nice figure for a grumpy uptight Magi.” His eyes lowered to leer down the slim lithe body before him. Paradise didn’t care for it so with narrowed eyes, he channeled enough of the fake air that surrounded around them and forced the gray-eyed captian back, topping him over onto his back.

He grabbed his robe with a humph and pulled it back on over his shoulders, buttoning it all the up even up to his mouth. Then turned on his heels and moved for the doors.

“Wait I didn’t dismiss you!” Oh no, no, no he did not just say that. Paradise turned around, glaring, feeling his blood turning into hot molten lava just as Cook was getting to his feet and fixing his uniform straight.

The Bridge was silent, so silent that one could here a pin drop. A pin was afraid to drop as both men stared each other down.

“I am not your crew, I do not belong to the Union. I am free to come and go on this ship as I please. You, an ordinary man, could not order me to leave or stay!” He nearly growled out the words like a feral thing. The Captian was glaring, breathing through his nose like a steam engine as he stood nose to nose to him.

“Give me five minutes and I’ll make you come at my order.” He grinned madly, gray eyes darken just a hue. Someone breath in sharply but all Paradise could hear was steam. Then next thing he knew, his knuckles was sore and throbbing and his arm was up in the air and the Captian was on his rump once more, this time rubbing his jaw.

The Magi knew his eyes was as wide as plates, everyone else had the same look on their face. Cook was just sitting there on the cold metal floor, rubbing his jaw. Paradise nearly ran into the doors, he was racing out of there before the doors could actually swished open for him. Then he was running down the hall, his robe just fluttering against his calves. People were either hugging the walls or getting plowed down. He didn’t notice or didn’t care. He just wanted to find the exit and get off this ship before it left port.

Suddenly he gave out a squawk as a heavy body tackled him down to the ground. “Oh no, you don’t. I still didn’t dismiss you and no way in Hell, I’m letting you off this boat before I get my hit!” Cook growled in his ear as they squirmed around, one trying to hold on and the other trying to buck the other half.

“Oh my Gawd, Cook Cook get off now!” The captian was off and was pinned to the metal walls of the Aitheria by a big burly man, pinning him down the more he struggled. Someone else helped Paradise to his feet, an ensign on the order of the big man. Then the woman took him away, to his quarters.

Cook was still looking at him with so much heat that Paradise swore that the eyes turned red. Well this was great way to start a new mission. What could he do tomorrow? Set off a bomb and blow up a planet. It couldn’t be worse then this day.


The Hunter's Arrow chapter two.

Stubbornly, he chosen to walk beside the princesses as Maddock rode Estelle. He figured if they really wanted to do, Clayhorn’s guards could just force their own steeds to run, leaving him behind with just his arrows and bows that he had chosen to wear on his person for the time being. Even the little black pony that kept nudging at his calf would be trotting her short legs after the dun mare. They all just needed Maddock. He was useful with his skills of being a doctor and they mush have needed one desperately if Charlie the Ax didn’t give his men the go ahead with the killing.

Callous tattooed fingers rubbed against the smooth neck of his beloved Caru, rubbing his cheek against the soft flesh . Just enjoying the feel of something alive to keep him calm. He remembered when he was young that he would lay against his ma’s chest, letting her bony fingers pick at his hair, breathing in her scent and hearing her heart beat under his ear. Her voice soft and beautiful as she sang out to him in their own language. Hymns to the Great Mother and to the Great Horned one as she added beads to his first braid.

Maddock was his first interaction to the world outside his mother’s protective circle. First interaction with a man to be exact. He knew that he would stay by this man’s side. Weylin had no patients or only will to try to trust another, man or woman. So he will follow Maddock to the ends of the Earth, provide his strength and everything else that was needed. It didn’t mean he trust his friend’s judgment on this matter. During the slow walk, he has been busy calculating the guards in steel armor and green and gold colors. Judging which will be easy to take down with an knife or a fist or even a heel. He believed that he could take down at least three before the prince could get stick his sword in his back.

As Dock would say, it would be a pointless try and Maddock will be still alone. No doubt, Clayhorn would swing his own ax into the scholar’s neck without much thought. So again for Maddock’s sake, the cruthin will play good boy till Maddock says otherwise.

“Be easier to ride then to walk, Wolf-pup.” The half-blood spoke with a soft smile in his voice. Leaf-green eyes looked up at his dark ones, behind his face among the reddish brown of his beloved’s mane.

“I rather walk, tank you. Someone has to keep pace with this little girl.” He reached over to curl his fingers in the dark mane of the little black pony. “She’s already skittish enough with all these big boys around her.”

He could see the cruthin blood within the warrior, more like sense it. His ma said that all though their people were divided into different tribes with their own traditions, they could still sense the blood that ran through their veins, that tied them to each other and to the Great Mother. In this dark man, he could faintly sense the blood that was cruthin. Even if the beads in the hair was wrong and his skin wasn’t inked in blue like his own was.

The only other cruthin he had even seen and he was the enemy. Oh well, when the time comes, he would use the man’s own dagger to make a swift clean slice across the neck. Then pray for the Great Mother to take his spirit into her arms and forgave him for ignoring traditions.

“But pup, I can tell that you’re having trouble keeping pace with the rest of us.” This time Maddock turned his head to watch this exchange between him and the half-blood. “If you want, I’ll keep pace with the little darling and let your legs rest.” He pulled his own steed, a light bay stallion, to a stop and already sliding to the ground.

Weylin stopped, Caru and Gem stopped as well as he watched in wonderment. Then back into the wall of horse as the taller man approached closer. Maddock gave a small smile through it all, knowing how other men still made the cruthin uneasy. Like a small mouse among grown rats. They may be of the same rodent family but the mouse knew enough to be wary of the rats.

Grayson just patted his shoulders and gently and even so slowly grabbed him by the waist to help him onto his own saddle then wrapped his reins around the saddle horn. “There, you have control of me boy so I have no choice to be nice to your little girl.”

The full-blooded cruthin nodded and gentle gave a soft tap of his heels against his princess’ side to get her going. The half-blood just walked behind the little black pony with his hand on Caru’s chestnut colored flank.

“What in the seven hells is Grayson doing? “ August looked back to see his man playing nice to the cur. Said cur was tensed and looked as tightly strung as a bow.

“Making nice with the new servant, I suppose, your highness.” The scholar happily answered before curling his hand against his mouth to shout out to his partner. “Loosen up, Wey. If he bites, you got sharper teeth.” He was received with a rude hand gestured by the younger man. Laughing he looked back the prince, then the laughter died a quick death at the heated look in the royal blue eyes.

The prince gave a ‘humph.’ and flipped the loose curl of red out of his eyes before looking straight out at the road before them. Maddock smiled behind his back and rolled his mismatched eyes. Children.

“I won‘t bite ya, pup. ” The warrior spoke softly, still smiling at the younger cruthin like he was trying to calm a skittish dog. “ Well unless you fancy that sort of thing.” He gave a wink and Weylin felt his eyes grow big at the innuendo.

He could feel his cheeks getting heated and then felt his leg acting on its own as it kicked right into the half-blood’s face. He didn’t feel it hitting anything though. Weylin looked over to see an amused look on the dark man’s face. Then saw the man’s hand reaching up to pat his leg down, putting the foot back into the stir up.

“Gotta be quicker then that to get me, Pup.” The large hand rubbed gently on the thigh. The younger man just snorted and looked away, forcing Caru to move up to where Maddock was, taking the light bay with him.

If it looked like a scared boy running to hide behind his ma’s apron, well Weylin wasn’t going to admit that. Maddock just shock his head when he saw his friend now riding beside him. He grabbed at his head and ruffled the rat nest of hair before wrapping his arm around it to keep close.

“Best to make some new friends, Weylin. We may need them at Clayhorn’s castle.” He whispered in the ear before letting the cruthin go.

“I just don’t like this. I still say we can make a clean getaway.” He spoke, hand laying on the hilt of a small dirk on his belt.

“You’re really stupid, aren’t you cur.” August didn’t look at the man, just got his head facing forward and nose tilted in the air. Just radiating that air of superiority around him.

The cruthin really hated the prince. He moved up to be at his side, ignoring the scholar’s gritted order of just ignoring the other man. “I suppose ya think that ya can best me in a fight don ya.” He forced Caru to stood in front of the dark horse, both horses whined and snorted at the action. August’s dark blue eyes glared like flames at the other man.

“I don’t think. I know. No one has ever truly bested me in a fight, skins or swords.” He spat out the words. Already accepting the unspoken challenge. Behind the two man, Maddock was just hanging his head low, covering his displeasure with his left hand.

“You sure it wasn‘t cause they were afraid to bloody up the King‘s Heir? Get off your beast and I‘ll give ya a good whipping.” Maddock groaned at this, just counting up how long it took for Weylin to start a fight with the prince since their first meeting. Not even four hours went by. By the time he looked up, the two fools were already off their respected horses and shedding their coats.

He was seriously thinking of just tying up the cruthin and gagging him for good measure when they were out in public. Or with men that can kill them. Whatever came first.

“Well this is interesting.” Grayson walked up with his arms folded against his chest as he and the rest of the party watched the two men fight. Wincing in sympathy when the prince had received a kick in the stomach. Then winced again when the cruthin gotten a fist in the nose. It caused him to stumble a bit but was able to dodge the next hit and block the one after that with his forearm and aimed his own fist low on the prince’s side.

“Trust me, Weylin Doy’s main goal in life is fighting every thing on Earth.” Maddock spoke as he blinked and pick at an eyelash. “The prince should have known better and just ignore him.” Or Weylin should have ignore the prince, but that really did go without speaking.

The russet-haired man in question, hopped on his feet, trying to avoid to getting hit as he tied his long hair back with a scrap of leather. Baiting the redhead prince with taunts, insulting his mother and his little legs. The prince growled and rushed at the man, grabbing him by the waist and picking him up in the air only to plow him back into the ground on his back. Weylin cried out in pain but lifted his legs up to wrap them around the prince’s neck to swing him to the ground beside him. He felt fingers digging into his thighs as he rolled up to deliver punches to the prince’s head. Then he jumped up, August doing the same but slower, rubbing his head and shaking the dizzy feeling out. Weylin gave a cocky laugh, biting his lips with his top front teeth, beckoning the prince to come after him with his fingers flapping at around his bare stomach.

“Going to stop them?” The scholar loomed over from his seat still aboard his mare’s back. The guards around them were cheering their prince on and heckling the cruthin. Grayson just barked out a laugh and shock his head.

“Naw, let the youngins tire themselves out. The ride back to Ledgeway Castle will be quieter then.” He looked up with a smile in his dark eyes and then he went on to cheer on the russet haired man. Giving him the only fan he had on his side.

August bowled into Weylin once more, his hands on the belt and Weylin’s hands grabbing a hold of his. Now they were grunting and pushing their toes into the Earth to try to knock the other off balance. The redhead yelped when he felt sharp teeth going into his shoulder and smack his head against the other’s temple to pry him loose.

Weylin groaned and removed his teeth from the firm flesh. He was soon over balanced as the prince landed on top on him, beating his fists into his sides. He curled up to protect himself, covering his head with his hands before throwing a fist out to knock into the prince’s nose, sending him back and cause blood to freely flow out the nostrils. He moved to a couching position, panting heavily with hands in the dirt and legs ready to spring. Royal blue met with leaf green as both man stopped to breath.

August smeared the blood out from under his nose with his sleeve before pulling his dark green open necked shirt off and fling it to the ground. Showing glistering muscles beneath taunt tan skin. Weylin removed his top layer dark red cropped shirt, leaving behind the black mesh shirt. Dark blue markings going from right shoulder, down his pectoral and going around the abdomen.


“To show you whose is your better, when you lose this fight. You shall be my servant from now on and first order of business is for you to wash my feet.” The prince smirked as the cruthin sneered in return.

Maddock sighed and popped his back, waiting for the fight to end. Again he was dealing with children. He slide off of Estelle’s back and landed with grunt as he stood beside Grayson as the two boys, not men but boys tried to over take the other again.

“It is getting dark, someone should step in to stop this fight.” He helpfully pointed out the setting sun, knowing that the fight has been going on for an hour now. Of course when he meant someone, he meant the more muscular man.

Weylin gave a shout when the prince with more strength on his side over-powered him once more, forcing him onto his back once more. Then the blue eyed man twisted him onto his front, grabbing his arms to fold and twist on his back sharply with one hand as the other hand was pushing the grunting face into the dirt. Legs kicking wildly as the cruthin tried to squirm free, crying out as the harder the twist on his arms went.

“YELD TO ME!” August crowed, lips widen with murderous glee. “Admit that I’m better and you’re now my slave!”

Maddock and Grayson, no longer could they just stand by, rushed to pull the prince off of the russet haired man. Grayson grabbed him by the waist and held him back as Maddock helped his partner up, rubbing his back as he coughed and spat out grass and spoil.

The green eyes glared at the smirking blue as Weylin rubbed the dirt from his mouth. “I won’t ever admit that you’re my better.” He spit out some phlegm at the prince’s feet. August growled and kicked and wiggled to try to get out of the stronger man’s hold. But the darker haired man just held him tighter.

“You’re mine now! I won this fight fair and even!” He growled, quieting down his movements. Eyes glowing like blue fire.

“Fine but I’ll make you wish that you never met me!” Maddock quickly wrapped him by the waist when he tried to jump up to attack the prince. The scholar held him tight against his chest and whispered calming words in his ear.

Soon, he was able to let go of his friend and grabbed for his medical kit from his pack from Estelle’s saddle and tended to the prince’s wounds first. Grayson kept a strong grip on Weylin’s shoulder, letting him drink from his water skin as he stayed on the ground. Both men glared at each other with irate fire in their eyes but kept silent.

A guard retrieved their cast away shirts and offered them back to their respected owners. When it was Weylin’s turn for the healing touch of the dark brunet’s hands, Maddock was a bit rougher as he rubbed ointment over his bruises and as he wrapped the bandage tight around his ribs.

“Next time, I’m going to let you two kill each other. I can just make Ole Charlie think his idiotic son died an hero’s death or something.” He muttered, ignoring the soft pained noises from the younger’s man.

“He started it. Ow!” He responded through gritted teeth, closing one eye as he winced from the hard treatment.

“And you could have ignored it. You’re almost twenty -three now, Weylin Doy, act like a man. Not like a stupid beast!” Maddock stood away and packing his kit back together harshly, ignoring the hurt look on his friend’s face.

Weylin kept his eyes away from everyone as he pulled his mesh shirt on first slowly then his dark red one. He pushed away Grayson’s helping hand and walked to grab his long coat from the ground. He kept his head hanging low as he walk beside Caru, leaning against her great side. The half-blood walked silently by his side, keeping quiet and to himself.

Maddock looked over his shoulder once the great castle of Ledgeway was in sight. He frown at the sad sight of his friend, with one arm wrapped around his chest and hair over his face and shoulders. Once things have settled, he will make up for his harsh words from before to the younger man. Maybe he could found some raspberry tarts for him.

The prince, looking more like a battered fighter then a man of royal blood, left the guards to show the new servants where they can put up their horses for the night and went on to his quarters. His body felt so sore and in pained that he just wanted to lay down and sleep for a long, a very long time. It just hurts to breath. He held a fierce and angry look on his young freckled face that caused the passing servants and nobles to step out of his way out of fear for their lives. He threw opened his doors and slammed them shut behind him. Once out of the eyes of others, he let out a painful groan as he leaned back against the study oak doors.

Damn it but that cur runt got him good in that fight. If it was between swords, he would have won hands down but in a match of brawn. They were almost equally matched. No matter now, the cur was now his slave and he was going to make him pay for every bruise and cut he had given him tenfold for as long as he was alive in Ledgeway.

He grinned at the dark thought before standing up to complete the journey to his bed. With a huff, he dropped on it face forward, not bothering with his dirty boots as he crawled up to rest his head on a soft pillow. Already off to dream about his revenge on the cruthin till the call to dinner with his father and sisters.


The two men were taken to a lonely little shack just inside the gates of the Castle’s Fortress. Maddock tried to carry most of the packs with him but Weylin wasn’t having it and carried more then his share. Keeping the pain to himself as he walked silently behind the older man. The scholar sighed and gently pulled on Gem’s rope that was looped around her neck to keep her from going off on her own back to Estelle’s side.

Grayson rolled his eyes at the two men and kept quiet about it as he unlocked the door to the physician’s hut and opened the doors wide for the two. “We clean it out when the old one died Last Winter. It was a terrible illness.” He lean against the door as Weylin stumbled in, finally admitting to the pain as he dropped the packs and sat down on the old rickety table, falling back with a groan.

“And what was this great illness?” The new physician tried to keep the little black from entering the shack but she kept circling around away from his hands. He gave a huff and surrender, sitting on a bench as Gem trotted around, taking in the new environment. Maddock laid a hand on the cruthin’s forearm but removed it, letting him rest for the moment.

The half-blood just shrugged his shoulders. “It was just a terrible bout with a really bad cough and fever. The old physician tried hard to battle it but he ignored his own symptoms and it was too late to save him.” He walked over and couched down to play with the little black pony’s mane and shaggy coat.

Maddock nodded and took the words in. Not really but he tried to as he felt the day and the night before weighing down hard on his shoulders. Weylin just let out a soft snore and muttered in his sleep, one of his legs curling up under the other as it hanged off the edge of the long table. The warrior chuckled at the sight.
“Trust me, if we let him alone, he will be sucking his thumb soon.” Maddock yawned and rubbed over his buzzed dark hair.

“Then shouldn’t we get him into a bed.” No one moved though, letting Gem nudged at the physician’s leg, neighing and nipping at his fingers. Grayson laughed and clicked his tongue to led her out to wear a sad patch was growing at the outside wall of the door.

Maddock exhaled heavily and stood up, stretching and popped his back. Then looked around to see that whoever cleaned up after the old physician’s death, let behind just the basics. A few bowls and bottles, a old beat up cauldron in the fireplace. He knew if he was to keep himself and his friend alive, then he has to find a way to gain more items. There was an stain cot in the corner that has to burned and scary looking stairs that led up to that looked to be the physician’s sleeping quarters.

They would be fighting for the single bed, later on when it was time to go to bed. He should give it to the cruthin cause of his ribs but he was still upset about that fight with the prince. He would think on it more on whatever or not to punish for bed behavior or to keep bruised ribs on the healing path. Later. Right now, he was going to attempt to make a pot of tea.

He broken the wood from the un-usable cot and threw them into the fireplace and found a pail before going outside. Grayson was keeping a watch on the little pony and looked up when Maddock said that he was going to get some water and be right back. He waved him off and tried the rope around the door knob to keep Gem from going off. Then stopped himself from chuckling when the full-blood cruthin was indeed sucking on his thumb.

He gently pushed his arms under the legs and under the shoulders, softly whispering that the younger man was fine and just keep sleeping as he carried him gently up the stairs for the old straw bed. He gently placed him down, pulling the boots off and rubbing back the russet hair that spilled over the childlike face.

“Too innocent looking for someone that could kick like a mule.” Grayson smiled and pulled the tattered blanket over the lithe body and made his way down stairs. He took it upon himself to get the start the fire up and piled up the packs on the table. He picked through them for the kitchen ware and put them away in the empty cupboards . He left the pans filled of clothes and other things alone and stored away the full blood’s arrows and bow at the stairs and sat down on the bench.

The physician and his cruthin friend were already proving to be great entertainment then his fellow knights and other servants. He chuckled at the thought that Prince August and Pup will be aiming for a second match and he would love to see how the cruthin would deal being a servant to his enemy. He didn’t doubt the prince was going give him the most dirtiest and less dignifying chores just for that bite mark on his shoulder and the broken nose.

He just hoped that King wouldn’t be so quick in breaking the two new servant’s souls, like he has with all the others. And keep the pup from his bed. The King was known for taking a young person to his quarters and they never come out the same again.

The Hunter's Arrow

The stench of decay and sulfur in the air was really starting to get to the two men that were chained to the lone iron pole. The pole was located in front of a dark cave that has been exhaling smoke for hours now as well as pure heat as if the sun was right in front of the two men instead of the cave. All around them were bones of animals and people, some still had bits of flesh on them. One of the two man, a man of Cruthin descent , gave a big sigh and loosely flipped his head over his shoulder to look at his partner.

“Don’t say it.”

The cruthin gave a dry chuckled. “ Oh no, dove. We can handle a simple dragon. They really are just big ole lizards with really heated breaths.” He sucked at his teeth and looked at the sky above the two. Sweat glistering over his tattooed forehead.

“You do the worst impression of me ever, Wey.” The other man grumbled out, twisting his wrists around in the shackles. This man was once a scholar and a physician but now he was a Hunter. Mostly he hunted down facts and images of bizarre creatures all over the land. Some where along the way, the cruthin Weylin hitched along for the ride.

“Well, Dock.” Wey tugged hard, grunting then kicking at the ashy ground below. “A’ll be sure to practice a lot more when we’re no shackled to an fucking pole!” He threw his head back, beads and feathers jumbled around among the russet hair as he shouted to the sky.

The ground shock, two pairs of eyes opened wide with terror, as a slow growl responded to the cruthin’s burst of temper. Maddock could feel his partner shivering with fright as he heard the fast breathing through the other’s nose.

“Dock, next time you wanna brag about my magical powers and how virgins ain really a favorite dragon food. I’m so jus leaving your drunken ass in the bar.” He licked his lips and pulled on the restrains more, terror quickly taking over.

Maddock chuckled as his mismatched eyes just stared into the dark craven before them as the smoke intensified. “You tried that already my friend, that is why you have a big knot at the back of your head.” They needed the cruthin to get more scared, just enough to bring forth some life-saving magical ability.

Sweat formed more upon the men‘s bodies, damping the short fine black hair and the long russet hair framing their faces. Weylin’s booted feet kicked, scraping at the ash that covered the ground as the earth shook more as the dragon that lived in the cave stomped its way out for the afternoon meal.

“Please please, Great Mother. Please save your faithful son.” Maddock heard his friend’s pleading mantra and hoped that his only true magical ability would be activated before they become the more recent meal. For Weylin had the power to cause creatures to just explode but under extreme duress. Much like when his accent becomes much more understandable. Too bad he can be scared all the time, it would really be a blessing on everyone’s ears.

He really hoped it would happen very, very soon. Like now, just as the giant reptilian beast filled out the craven’s mouth. He almost swore that he saw its forked tongue licking its scaly mouth. The air went still around them as the cruthin panted, falling to ground as far as his shackles would let him. The beast tilted its almond shaped head, feeling the change in the atmosphere as it would seem.

Then in a blink, the dragon was an exploding mass of blood, scales and bone. The air came to alive again as dragon bits fell all around and on the two men. Maddock sighed, his head fell forward against his chest. At least the beast didn’t let out an breath of fire like the last one had done. He really missed his old goat-skinned coat with the ivory buttons.

He rolled his head to see that the younger man had passed out after all the excitement has passed. Normally was the cause whenever the use of his odd power was call to action. They all were lucky that the man knew how to direct his power at the right object or they would have a very short partnership. “Oh Weylin. You call yourself a man of great courage.” Maddock smiled at the youthful face, noting how young his friend was really even compared to him. He grunted as he squirmed around and lowered down to pluck out a pin from the younger man’s hair that kept the rat’s nest of beads, feathers and hair back from his face with his teeth. The removal of the hair pin let the mentioned mess to fall over the smooth pale face and shoulders of Weylin. The pull caused the muscles in his arms to groan and ach at such of action. He straighten up and reached as far as he could to his left hand for the fingers to pick the long thin pin from his teeth.

He was getting too old for this things and really how was he to know that the village’s governor was in that very bar when he was making his boosts to the lovely woman with the very huge bosoms and the tightest yellow dress he ever did see. He very much doubted a seven annuals old girl could wear that modestly and the scholar wouldn’t want the child would. Maddock hummed a bit as his fingers twisted the pin around, unlocking the lock in the shackle of his right wrist. In this business, he had found it was prudent to know how to pick many types of locks. Between the brazen attitude of the cruthin and his own boastful nature, they regularity found themselves in locked cells and/or shackles. However being chained to a pole as a offering to a great beast such as a dragon. That doesn’t really happen as much as one would think.

The shackles clicked open at the end of the verse of the little drinking ditty that the dark-haired man was humming and with a sigh, he rubbed his wrists and took a really good look around at his surroundings and brushed off some dragon innards off his coat with much distaste. Pretty soon scavengers were going start coming in and that will not be a pretty thing. He moved to be couching down in front of his friend, pulling away as much as the dragon flesh as he could before lightly slapping at the damp and messy cheeks to wake him.

Eye lids gently quivered as a groan was let out from the full pale lips. Almond shaped pale green eyes opened but still glassy looking, unfocused . Maddock begin to worried if the fighting from before being chained to the pole and the large bang on the head from someone’s club combined with the use of his odd ability had done some unsettlingly effect on the young cruthin. He forced the right eye lid back and stare deeply to look for signs of a concussion or anything else. Then the cruthin groan loudly as the eye lost it glassiness and shook his head around.

“Get off you old man! I’m not into your sick ways!” Maddock sighed and patted the russet head happily that he didn’t have to drag the unconscious body to the very same village that just condemned them both to be a dragon’s meal. Just because he couldn’t just let the brunet call him an old pervert man, not in those exact words but the idea was there, the scholar man quickly cupped the fussy man’s jaw and pressed his chapped lips against the full lips in a mocking kiss.

“Do shut up once in a while, you little cur runt.” He chuckled before raising up to free Weylin’s wrists. The offended man was too busy cursing about the feel of a man lips against his own and Maddock’s mother and grandmother to really have notice anything else.

But he was aware enough that his wrists were soon free and rubbed the blood back into his arms and wrists as the scholar was helping with the pining back the tangle mess of beads, feathers and hair. Maddock often wonder if traditions were such a good thing to follow when the long hair was more of a handful to keep up with. Last time he even mentioned the idea of a haircut to the young man, Weylin gave him the silent treatment as well as almost let the troll injured the scholar with its bone club. Luckily he gave up the childish act and let an arrow imbedded into the troll’s fleshy head before serious injuries could happen. To the dark brunet, the troll needed to die. It already married and ate five brides before the both of them arrived onto the scene.

“So a bah and a wash of duh clothes firs or we look for duh princesses?” The younger of the Hunting duo stood up, picking innards and scales off of his long sleeveless coat .

“I say option number one. I don’t want to roam the countryside, smelling like rotting meat all day.” Maddock picked at a eyelash that was being stubborn.

“Dun pick your lashes, Dock. It’s disgusting.” the green-eyes man groaned in disapproval, arms bended behind the russet hair and looked around for an easy exist out of the yard of death.

“Whelp, mind your own.” The scholar muttered as he headed out, seeing the worn pathway where the villagers had been using to drag unwilling virgins up to their deaths. No more they won’t, now the fat beast was dead. That was one good thing that came from this misadventure. No more young maidens being killed in the green of their lives.

Weylin wasn’t too far behind, leaf-colored eyes watching the vultures and crows circling in and landing on the bones and hearing the wild dogs barking, announcing their arrival. Symbolizing the end of a long decade of terror and life was allow to continue on as the clouds above them start thundering. To wash away the landmark of death. He muttered a quick prayer to the Great Mother and to the Old Crone to take pity on the souls of the young women that had lost their lives on this land.


It was Weylin that had spotted the crystal river first. Maddock had long decided that cruthin blood just acts as a magnetic for water as well for little furry creatures. But he wasn’t one to complained as he stood waist deep in the cool water, washing away blood and scales from his wool coat. His green cotton tunic shirt was stretched out on a large slab of rock to dry, right next to his stockings and boots. The cruthin was freely naked a few feet away, washing his russet hair after he had washed his shirts and black skin tight breeches, leaving his long deer-skin coat to last. A bowl was set out on the brink of the river to hold all the beads and feathers he had collected in his hair for years, since birth most likely.

After the hair wash, Maddock would have to help the younger man with his hair as he always does. At the start of this arrangement, he was worried at getting so skilled at platting and beading hair. But now, he knew that it would all just end up being a mess without his help. Rubbing through the buzz of his own hair, he thought mostly of the state of their things and their horses. Hopefully the horses were smart enough to wait around at the outskirts of the village with the most of their packs. No hope was given for their money pouches since they were missing when they were chained to the pole a good two hours ago.

So moneyless once again, they no doubt have to brave the elements of the woods for the night. He titled his head up to have a look at the clouds. “Will it rain and storm?” He asked out loud. His partner looked over his tattooed shoulder at the older man with heavy damp hair over his face. His hands pushed the wet locks away from his face and looked up at the sky as well.

“Naw it won.” The cruthin said after a good minute and flipped his hair back over his face to combed out the tangles, making sure to get everything out that didn’t need to be clinging to the fiery brown locks. Then the man slipped into the water to smooth back the hair back over his skull.

“That’s a good cause we won’t be able to stay at an inn tonight, even if we do recover the princesses.” The scholar walked out of the still water, wringing out his coat and laid it to dry before sitting down on the grass, legs stretched out and arms propping his upper body up as the head fell back. Allowing the warm mid-spring sun dry his wet and wary body. Before the bath and wash of clothes, he already did assessment of injuries and minus the bump on his friend’s head and a cut on his own arm, it was a mess of bruises around the wrists and the torso. Nothing that they haven’t experience before or will experience in the future. They got off lucky this time.

The cruthin, once satisfied with the cleaning of his hair, stepped close enough to grab his sleeveless long coat and dragged it into the water. Soon little rabbits and chipmunks started to gather at the river edge. They were just watching Weylin curse lightly under his breath as scrubbed a lump of soap against the coat then ducking it into the water, rubbing his hands against the smooth surface to get it clean.

Two sounds of neighing and snorts and hooves clicking against the earth and rock alerted the two men of the on-coming of horses. Weylin chuckled and threw his coat on the grass as he splashed out of the water to greet his little chestnut sweetheart. He cupped the light brown muzzle and rubbed his face against the soft snort, touching white marked forehead to his own blue marked forehead.

“I say it again, only way to hunt is with a cruthin. At least the horses will be loyal to one.” Maddock spoke as he came up from behind then went for his own little dun mare, petting under her jaw and then check the packs.

“Hehe, my little girl always loyal to her papa.” Weylin chuckled and went to remove the saddle and harness and the saddle blanket and everything else to allow his little princess to be as naked as the cruthin himself. He clicked his tongue as he nudged her to the water for a drink and a bath. The little furry creatures scattered to the bushes as man and horse splashed into the water.

He looked up when a little neigh rang into the air and chuckled at the sight a little black pony, trotting down to the dun mare. Skittish and hide on the other side of the mare, away from the scholar. “Looky, Estelle has a lil friend.”

The little black pony snorted nervously and wandering her head back and forth. Estelle snorted calmingly and nodded her head flinging it back at the little creature.

“Just what I need, another child to keep up.” Maddock sighed, digging in one of the food packs for a carrot, sniffing at it for freshness and moved slowly to couched down to the little pony. “Come, pretty. Uncle Maddock just wants to give you a carrot.” He clicked his tongue and waved the carrot around, giving the pony space and time to accept the offering treat.

Weylin chuckled at the sight as he poured water onto his own mare, whispering praises and sweet comments. He may be from cruthin blood but Maddock has the true gift of calming creatures and little children and making them love him. He smiled as the little black stepped carefully sniffing and then chopping down the carrot, letting the older man pet up into the wild long mane and over the spring dark coat that was shedding for the warm days ahead.

“That’s it little darling. That’s a good girl.” Maddock whispered as he checked over the little animal for any cuts or sores before moving slowly so not the spook her to get another carrot and then removed the load on his dun mare’s back and led her and the little pony to the river.

“So wha’s her name, Unkle Dock?” He left the chestnut mare to play on her own in the water and went back to his task of washing his coat.

“Gem.” Maddock responded, grabbing a brush from one of the packs and begin to rub down the little mare as she drank the cool water. He smiled as the little pony trotted a bit in to follow Estelle into the river but trotted back when the larger mare nudged her back to the bank when the water was getting too high for her. The mare already marked the pony as her own and now they were stuck with the little black.

A hawk screeched and then landed on Caru’s saddle horn. It wore green and gold ribbons around one of the ankles. Some lord’s hunting hawk. Maddock stood up and clicked his tongue for his princess to come out of the water as he pulled on his tunic and stockings, pulling his old sword out to stick into the earth for when a battle to break out as he heard the thunderous sound of hooves coming from the east. Weylin nudged his own mare back on the bank and quickly got dress, and sticking arrows into the earth. Then pinned his still damp hair back off his face.
“Hello travelers, I see that you two are making yourself welcome in my land.” An old man riding upon a white horse with a black snort, dressed in green and gold riding clothes with a gold band across his head to mark himself as King.

“Hello, sire.” Maddock stepped forward, strapping his belt around his waist, nodding his head in respect. Weylin just stayed back, sitting a large rock with his bow in one hand and the other hand tapping on his thigh. “I’m Maddock Sloan, scholar and physician and hunter of the bizarre. My friend there.” He flipped a hand back over his shoulder at the silent cruthin. “He’s Weylin Doy. He’s just an hunter and makes a good berry pie.” He chuckled, the king’s guards join in once their lord started chuckling as well. Only a young man that shared the King’s royal blue eyes stayed silent upon his dark horse, watchful at the cruthin. Taking in the blue marking on his forearm and forehead.

“He’s cruthin. Thought that they receded into the wildness of the Red Forest in the far north.” The young man stated. “Devolving back into animals.”

“Well this young buck has hitched himself to me a few years back, turns out his usefulness outweigh the troubles.” The scholar stepped in between of the riding party and his friend, while keeping close to his own weapon.

The King nodded before introducing himself as Charles Clayhorn and the young redhead with his eyes as August Clayhorn, son and heir to the Kingdom of Ledgeway. “Now you say you’re a physician, mister Sloan. My own just been taken last winter. It was rough for us all, more so on the old and the very young.” The old blue eyes looked upon the tall man, taking in his civilized statue and proud head.

“I am very sorry to hear that, sire but-”

“You replace him and I forgive you and your servant for trespassing onto my lands and hunting without my permission and won’t throw you both in my dungeons.” The old King spoken, not hearing the younger man speaking and stared down into the mismatched eyes.

The cruthin behind him stood up and all but the king and his son draw out their swords and pointed their spears at the two man. Maddock chuckled uneasily and held up his hands, asking for a minute to discuss this with his partner.

“We are beyond screwed here, even you aren’t that skilled with the bow Wey.” He hanged an arm around the tensed shoulders and pulled the younger man in to talk quietly.

“We play good boys till we can get the fuck out?” The light green eyes kept their watch on the King’s man. Fingers playing with the string of the rowan wood bow.

“Hells, right now I’m willing to put on a colorful dress and play bedmate for the old man. That’s Charlie the ax.” He rolled his eyes and rubbed his nose when the green eyes looked at him in confusion. “He killed people for grabbing rams that skipped onto his land.” He spoke in a harsh whisper. “I do not want to spend a hour in his dudgeons, Wey.”

Weylin nodded and dropped his bow and pulled out his arrows from the earth to put back into the quiver. Maddock walked back to the King and his men. “We accept your offer, kind sir.” He folded his hands and bowed his head. Then he held up two fingers from his left hand. “May I ask for two hours to gather our things, you just came in just we were finishing up a bath. We just had a dragon encounter and we had no choice to kill it before it could eat us.” He smiled pleadingly.

The old King nodded before speaking. “I’ll leave you with some of my men to make sure that you and that cur don’t try to back out of our deal.” Then he forced his horse to turn and kicked at its sides after signaling for half of his party to stay behind. “August?” He stopped his horse when he saw his son wasn’t riding out with him.

“I’ll stay behind to make sure that the cruthin doesn’t try any spells.” He spoke soberly as blue and green stared at each other in a heated glare.

“So be it.” Clayhorn kicked at the horse’s sides once more and cantor off with half of the men following behind.

“Right, excuse us Prince.” Maddock nodded and whistled for the cruthin’s attention as he walked over to pick up the bowl of beads and feathers. The younger man nodded and sat down on the large rock. He slide in behind and went to work on the russet hair.

One of the guards climbed down from his horse, walking towards to the two men as Gem trotted up to Weylin’s hand at the clicking sounds from his mouth. He had black hair long and shaved at the sides with the ends platted with silver, green and gold beads at the ends. Dark eyes smiling at wary green as he couched down to pet at the skittish pony girl.

“I have my square do that for me.” He pointed at the scholar’s skillful fingers weaving in the fiery brown locks. “I’m part cruthin me self but my father only kept up the long hair tradition and the markings. I copied the hairstyle but the idea of ink needling into me skin makes me uneasy.”

Maddock tightly pulled a hair to remind the younger man to keep a civil tongue for the time being. Taking the action in mind, Weylin sighed and closed his eyes before speaking. “My ma did the inking. She told me that it connects us to the Earth and the Great mother.” His fingers combed through the dark coarse mane of the pony as she nibbled at the grass by his feet.

The guard nodded and extended a hand at the young man. “Me name is Grayson, I’m the Prince’s first guard.” Said prince had climbed off his own dark stallion and walked up to the watchful hawk, holding out an arm for it, ordering it to come. “Weylin, it means the son of the wolf. Am I right?” He chuckled at the green eyes fast snapping up at him.

“He’s more like the son of the otter. “ Maddock chuckled, eyes never looking up from the task of beading and putting the feathers among the braids. “He can pick point any location of large bodies or water and could just nap on his back in the water.”

“A river rat then.” The prince snorted as he fed his hawk bits of meat from a little pouch on his belt and started to preen among the grey feathers.

The scholar quickly grabbed his friend’s shoulder to bring him back down and talked before the other could say a word that would land them headless. “My lord, what a gorgeous bird. May I inquired his name.”

August rubbed a finger under the prideful bird’s chin. “Pride.” He responded, royal blue rolled away to stare down at heated green. “Raised him from the egg, answers only to me.”

“A servant with wings then. At least my darlin’ Caru is loyal to me not because of blind bondage but because she loves me.” The cruthin looked back in challenge as he held a hand for his princess to rub her muzzle against his palm.

“A horse is a stupid but noble creature. A hawk is a bit more of a challenge to make loyal.” He gave a snide little smirk, nose tilted up at the man.

Maddock cursed as Weylin jumped up in anger and rushed at the prince, wrists quickly grabbed from behind as the prince’s guard tried to hold him back from hitting the young man. “You little brat, you are nothing without your father’s name. At least, my name means more out here in the real world outside your father’s walls.” He spit the words out, dragging Grayson with him as he shoved his face up close to the prince’s own.

The other guards jumped to action and held their blades against the man’s neck, awaiting words from their leader. He pushed away the blades as he stared back at the fuming green eyes. “A cruthin’s name means mud out here either within my father’s walls or outside of them. Get your master to finish your hair, little river rat.” He flicked at the narrow nose and turned his back to walk away.

Greyson moved up to pushed his hands against the growling man’s chest, whispering. “Let it be, let it be. Just ruffling your feathers, ignore him now.” Weylin shoved the hands off of him and stomped back to the rock.

Maddock sighed and tugged him back down by the ends of his hair tightly and harshly. “Please I want to live to make to thirty-five.” He whispered harshly in his childish friend’s ear, pulling tightly on the hair as he finishing up the task. Light blue and black looked up to see royal blue eyes staring back at them as the prince lean against a tree trunk, rubbing fingers into the soft feathers.

He quickly looked down, feeling his heart speed up and tried to calm it down. In the nearby future, he would have to keep his cruthin friend and the prince from each other just long enough to get away. This morning it was a dragon they had to be worry about. Tonight it will be a tyrant and his brat of a son. He could feel his dark hair turning grey.

Too bad he couldn’t allow his friend to blow them all up. He could imagine their faces on a wanted poster before nightfall from killing a king and his kingdom.

Fot:CM Chapter two

Title: The First of Three
Fandom: Criminal Minds mostly, crossover with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Parings: Morgan/Reid, Perry/Harry
Disclaimer: I don’t even own dvds for Kiss Kiss Bang and for criminal minds. So no I don’t own anything that will be mention and to cover my ass, I will deny ownership to anything by my own name.
Spoilers: go see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang the movie and all episodes of Criminal Minds before you read this to be safe. I have no idea what I will be saying that would fuck your little world up.
Extra warning: Beware of the long Harry Rant. I couldn’t stop it! GAH! And yeah, a main-ish person dies

Chapter two: the idiot servant

You know, he was capable of doing a lots of things. He was able to pick locks within minutes. He could swipe many items without people notice. Hence all the candy bars and packs of gum in his work desk drawer. He can narrate a story as well, he just tends to forget to mention the importance of things and over talk about a small thing but damn it he can narrate a story. And after a few cases as a detective, he can solve crime a lot better then a certain broad, (fat -ass ), blonde (dye-job) gay man that loves to believe that he is lord over many. So why the fuck was he on a food run, once again and once more driving the YELLOW CLOWN CAR FROM HELL when he knew for sure that Perry was holding a meeting with a new client?

Harry knew that Parry still thought of him as the bumbling New Yorker that could never shut the hell up. So okay, he tended to fall over his shoelaces a few times on his own and yes sometimes he shouldn’t be cooking when his mind was on something else. And it was a known fact that New Yorkers came out of the womb, talking a mile-a-minute. But dammit, its been two years since he started working for the fag. He should have promoted from Gofer to Partner. He wasn’t asking for ‘Harry Lockhart’ to be printed on the cards and on the door. Just to be acknowledge that he was on the same level as Perry Van Strike in this detective business.

The brunet chopped and popped his gum as he sat in the world’s most uncomfortable chair ever in the lobby of Wings to Go, waiting on a stupid tray of buffalo wings and various assortments of dipping sauce. Seriously, did the man really think that he was going to believe that he had a sudden craving for wings and need it right away, but not sending him to the one place just up the road from the large office/home but to the one all the way at the beach so it would take him hours to get home? He may have bad math skills but even he can tell that he was being sent away to avoid being near the client.

Does that mean Perry trust him to be nothing but an embarrassment around other people? Well that was a little mean of him. Harmony, when they weren’t fighting and actually can be labeled as a couple, enjoyed his company when with other people. Perry was not just his boss, but his best friend in this land of sun and fake bodies. He was the only one that hasn’t tried to kill him or harm in anyway. And Harry wouldn’t banished him away from the office or their house when people came over. Or forbid the newest boy toy from the living room like he had done with Harmony just cause he kept walking on them making out.

Speaking of his sometimes girlfriend, she hasn’t called him since the day before yesterday. He should called her up to see if she was over whatever she was mad about last week. Sure it was his fault in forgetting their two year anniversary but seriously, how could he keep up with things like that when they always breaking up and getting back together. Perry just told him once that it would always his fault for keep going back to the same girl every single time.

He just didn’t understand true love. It can’t be all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes there would be some rough patches and they need breaks from each other for a few days. Perry still had the mindset that you keep someone around for sex till a better model came along. That’s why it will him that ends up alone when Harry was with Harmony for good. One of these days. Hopefully.

The snooty little girl with the blue hair and smudge black line eyes called out his number and he balanced the trey and the plastic bag with the little cups of dipping sauce inside on one hand as he tried to locate his keys and mobile phone in one of his pockets. Okay make that in two of his pockets. God he hated this stupid hello kitty keychain. That was another thing he hated the way on how Perry treated him. Seriously, why the fuck would he put this on the keychain for the Yellow car from Hell other then to further humiliate him?

Damn thing was mocking him as it stared up at him with its evil beady little eyes. It was not as bad as the steering wheel cover. It was also hello kitty, but not a bumble-bee suited one. But one that was dressed like a fairy. Oh is that a definition for irony? It just feel like it should be considering who bought it and ordered it to stay on the steering wheel.

He tried to ignore the stupid bee-kitty as he pressed a button then held the black phone against his ear, walking the sidewalk with the many tan and clothing depraved people that choose to come out that day. He whistled a little tune as he waited for the long to pick up. Harry barely escaped a hit and run by a biker. The jerk didn’t have the decency to look back to check if he was all right. That was just plain rude.

“Damn, voicemail. Hey Harmony, Its Harry.” Not like she wouldn’t know it was him with the name popping up in her phone screen but it’s still good to announce yourself. “We need to meet up tonight, let’s say 7:30 at the Pink Flamingo.” Then he pressed the red phone image on the keyboard and dialed for Perry‘s number. It was disconnected after two rings and half.

“Prick. Oughta eat your precious chicken wings.” He pressed for the number again, briefly looking left to right to cross the streets. He had to park a long ways thanks to all of the teenagers skipping school to hang at the beach. Haven’t they learned the meaning of the word ‘Carpool’?

“Harry, I know you know which button to press to unlock the door.” Smartass. Why did he think he was the stupidest man in the world? Just because he had left the milk out on the counter a few times. And forgotten about the expatriation date on it. That was a great night had by all. Perry still writes the date on things like milk and Chinese food leftovers in big red markers.

“Look, Miss thing, I’m just calling if you heard from Harmony at all cause well, you and her do love to bash about me behind my back or in front of me like I’m some dumb monkey that doesn’t understand English and-”

“Despite what you may think, Harry or whatever you call thinking.” Bitch. “Me and Harmony are not BFFs and we don’t do slumber parties where we talk about how stupid Harry is.”

Harry frowned and rolled his big brown eyes as he cut a shortcut through a grassy area, ignoring the waving flags of yellow police tape and uniformed cops that seemed be everywhere. “Yeah yeah, but I’m worried cause even though she gets mad at me for the little things-”

“You got her a twix bar with a ribbon wrapped around it for her when she was fasting for that surgery.”

“Was I the only one that thought that was cute and funny?” He sighed as he regain balanced on the food tray. “ I even said that it was to be her first piece of solid food when she was allow to eat again.”

There was people yelling off in the background, but since he was the loudest place on earth, he was able to tune it out.

“Still you were the only one that thought it was funny.” Perry sighed on the other, paper rusting could also be heard.

“Anyway back to the point, Snippy. She hasn’t talked or been seen by either of us for almost a week and I am worried since after she is my girlfriend.”

“Meaning the only girl you will ever date.” He could hear the eye roll over the line.

“Per-RY!” Anything else that was to be said was forgotten as Harry Lockhart tripped over the hacked up corpse of a strawberry blonde woman. His mobile phone and the buffalo wing platter had slipped out of his hand upon landing and spilled in various direction. The black phone was a good twelve inches away in the freshly water and trimmed grass.

“Oh holy fuck fuck fuck FUCK!” He rolled off the woman, trying to wipe any mess from the dead people from his clothes as he sat on his knees. At least in New York, they have the decency to dump the body in the river or in a dumpster, not in the middle of the goddamn park! Where anyone can just trip over it at any given time and break their necks.

Then a series of guns safeties being clicked off around his head forced his body due to pure instincts to pull his hands up behind his head and his mouth to open. “ I seriously did nothing wrong here and I want my lawyer.” He didn’t know who his lawyer was but he still wanted the guy.

Perry was seriously going to kill him. Or do something worse to his body. Like introduce a pink Barbie shirt as the new dress wear for the agency.


Five members of the BAU stood outside the window, watching a Mister Harry Lockhart finger-tap on the metal cuffs around his wrists, waiting on someone to interview him about the dead woman in the park. He was suspicious-looking and the immediately asking of his lawyer and the way he ignored the yelling of both the FBI and the local police caused some alarms. That and he was the last one to have spoken to the victim.

“He looks almost childlike, just waiting there.” Reid spoke, becoming interested in the man. Morgan raised a dark eyebrow at his co-worker.

“He looks like he may be slow in the head, Reid.” Just as the childlike man started to toy with the handcuffs and had them tossed across the table. Now he was playing a game on his phone. He was able to grab it before the arresting officers grabbed him and slapped the cuffs.

“Amazing, he did that in under a minute.” The thin doctor looked on in awe. “Clearly he isn’t that slow in the head.” He smiled cheekily at the bigger man.

“He was a thief back in New York before taking up residence here in LA, Reid. I think he would be able to lock-picked his way out of a bank if he chooses.” Prentiss cut in with a quip of her own.

Hotch and Rossi were off to the side, just studying the man in question as the other three traded their own insights about Mister Lockhart. Hotch held in his hands the file of a Miss Harmony Faith Lane, the dead woman that was found in the park only a few hours ago.

“He doesn’t come off as a man that could commit these types of murders. But yet, he doesn’t seem fazed by the fact he had tripped over a body of a dead girl. Much less his own girlfriend.” David Rossi chirped in finally.

“Reid.” The brown-eyed agent looked over to Hotch as he called out his name, waiting on his words. “You go in and talk to him, on your own.” Morgan looked over at the other agent with a wondering look on his caramel face.

Reid nodded and worked his way inside the room, shutting the door softly before sitting in front of the suspect who was still clicking away on his phone.

“Good Afternoon, Mister Lockhart. I’m SSA Doctor Spencer Reid of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI and-”

“Hey loock, High score! Beat my record!” Reid jumped slightly when the man shoved his phone at him, smiling proudly at the set of recorded scores for the mobile phone version of Bejewled. Spencer himself had this on his computer back in Quantico for times when the paperwork was getting to him and needed to relax. But none of the others choose to believe that the genius actually did anything but typing out pages on the machine. It didn’t fit his profile of genius.

“Wow that is a high score. I’m just a few numbers higher of that back on my computer.” He couldn’t help but smile right back at the man. It was like when a child smiled and you just cant help but smiled back.

Harry went back to fiddling with his phone as Reid tried again to talk to the man. “Now Mister-”

“Harry.” He spoke up, looking up with another smile. Again Reid was unable to not smile back. Back behind the mirror in the grey room. Morgan was frowning and narrowing his dark eyes at the scene that was talking place.

“Harry. I’m here with my team from Quantico to help the local officers to put together a suspect profile for this recent case of murdered people and seeing how you tripped over the corpse of Miss Harmony-”

“That wasn’t Harmony!?!” Suddenly Harry Lockhart went from childlike to rage as he jumped up out his chair, knocking it off of its feet and slammed his hands on the table. “ I didn’t just trip over Harmony’s dead body and spilled buffalo wings all over it!”

The door leading out of the room was slammed open as Morgan was quick to push an enraged Harry away from a startled Reid. “Okay man, back up back up.” He kept his hands out and up just so if he need to push the suspect back once again.

Once again, Morgan jumped to his rescue and showing that he thinks little doctor Reid couldn’t defend himself. Just cause he was thinner then most people, didn’t mean he couldn’t hold his own if need to. And Harry wasn’t going to attack him, at least he thought he wasn’t.

“And I would like for you to step away from the idiot.” A rich voice came from behind the two agents. They both turned to see a thick blonde man wearing a stylish grey suit with black high neck shirt standing in the doorway.

Harry whined and gripped the back of his head with his hands and turned to face the wall. Not really wanting to see his employer and friend giving him that ‘what did you do again’ look that he must have the copyrights for.

“Hey Perry.”